• Yes, time was more effectively measured in the past.

    Time was more effectively measured in the past because there was less of an on-demand culture in the past. Now, due to services, news, entertainment, etc. that are instantaneous. This is largely due to the enormous impact on society by the Internet. People tend to lose track of time more often, and so while time may be measured more accurately in the technical sense today, the average person is less capable of measuring and keeping track of time.

  • Current technology provides much more accurate measurements.

    With the advancement of technology and our increased understanding about the universe, our ability to measure time has significantly increased over time. The measurement of time in the past was predominately focused on the sun. Nowadays, our systems of time measurement are much more sophisticated and take other things into account to get a more well-rounded and accurate measure.

  • Today's Devices and Scientific Preciseness Attributes to Time Being More Effectively Measured in Our Present-Day, Rather Than In the Past

    In today's day and age, scientific advancement and technological tools enable society to properly allocate time, on a more specific level. Though our past is well-measured, and well-documented; there are still some imprecise moments existing in the past. Today with preciseness in time offered by smart technology, like cell phones, tablets, computers, solar-powered devices, etc...; there is not a moment in time that isn't accounted for. Furthermore, with the scientific advancements, and the expanded knowledge of time measurement, ever-present in our modern society; there is no doubt that time has been more effectively measured in our present day and age, than in the past.

  • We have more tools now.

    Time is measured more effectively now than at any time before. People do not need to have watches. They don't need to have large grandfather clocks. Instead, people measure time on electronic devices. Those devices automatically update when a time zone changes or when there is day light savings time. Measurement is better now than it has ever been.

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