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  • A dangerous man

    No, he was not a scapegoat, but he was a very dangerous man, filled with a lot of hatred. He caused the deaths of a lot of innocent lives when he committed the Oklahoma city bombing, where there was hundreds of people that were either killed or injured in some way.

  • Timothy McVeigh was guilty.

    Timothy McVeigh was guilty as sin. There is no question he was behind the Oklahoma City bombings. All of these conspiracy nuts are crazy. Please show me some positive proof that someone else was involved other than Tim McVeigh. Until you find it, please be more considerate of those who lost loved ones in this terrible tragedy. They will forever mourn and do not need to have their grief confused by conspiracy theories.

  • He Claimed to Act Alone

    Timothy McVeigh claimed to act alone, so he wasn't a scapegoat. He may have been one person from a paramilitary organization picked to carry out the Oklahoma City bombing, but he wasn't a scapegoat because McVeigh knew what he was doing. Shortly before his execution, McVeigh quoted a poem regarding acting alone as the "master of his Fate."

  • Timothy McVeigh was a murderer.

    There are many words we can use to describe Timothy McVeigh. Here are a few of them: Criminal. Terrorist. Murderer. Paranoid nutjob. White supremacist. Notice what wasn't on that list? Yeah, that's right, scapegoat. He bombed a building, he murdered both adults and children, and he thought it was perfectly acceptable in the name of further his agenda. Which means, oh yes, not a scapegoat but a monster.

  • I don’t think that Timothy McVeigh was a scapegoat.

    I don’t think that Timothy
    McVeigh was a scapegoat. I think that he
    was a terrorist and he got what he deserved.
    Actually, I think that he really got off easy. He should have been tortured, but he was
    extremely lucky that we have laws against cruel and unusual punishment. If it
    was up to me, he would have died a slow and painful death for being a traitor.

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