• Started Off Promising....

    The initial training part of the game showed a lot of potential - but as soon as I began the Campaign the game completely lost itself.

    The mechs are in my opinion too agile. They're too quick with their movements and don't take / dish out enough punishment.

    There are too few good elements to keep me interested in this game. I was hoping for something closer to Battlefield 2142 in terms of the speed / firepower of the mechs. They should've been intimidating, and too powerful for you to just stand in front of with a 'Titan-Gun' and fire at expecting not to get blown to pieces.

    So yes it's completely overhyped and over-rated. I feel bored after less than 2 hours of solid play.

    There's not enough tactics / strategy - it's just mind numbingly basic first person shooting with boring weaponry (apart from the Smart Pistol).

    I think I was looking in the wrong places for reviews of this game, because I was expecting far better than this.

    Crysis 1 looked far better than this from a graphical stand-point.
    Battlefield 2142 was more fun to play.

    And I was expecting a mixture of the two.

  • People expected way too much out of this game in my opinion.

    People expected this game to be a CoD killer, to revive the FPS genre, and some other unrealistic things. Especially, how picky gamers are and the fact that gamers are never satisfied with games, there is no such thing as a CoD killer. Gamers are way too picky and they expect every single game be perfect. GTA 5 made like what? 100 million dollars in the first day? I think that's what it was. Now, people expect games to go beyond that. They don't accept the game for what it is and just enjoy what they get. Respawn is made out of a really small team. Probably a team of 50 people. Compared to big teams, that's like the size of a pinky of your entire body. So, you expected a team of 50 to make a perfect game? Even teams of 2,000 or more can't do that.

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