Was TMZ wrong for breaking the story of Lil Wayne's questionable health?

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  • Lil waynes health

    If your famous all your business is public not just what you want to be to be public. They sure dont mind all the money there being paid . Besides it gives them more publicity. Famous people always want a pretty picture painted about them even when there not so pretty.

  • Not at all

    I don't think TMZ was wrong at all to shine a light on the fact that Little Wayne is not exactly the most healthy guy in the world. TMZ has a job to report news in regards to celebrities, and that is exactly what it is that they did here.

  • TMZ was not wrong by a long shot

    It seems like anyone who can put a few words together with some music these days, becomes famous. Once you are famous, you pretty much agree to living a public life, and that includes your state of health. Time and time again TMZ or some other magazine will startle the nation with a statement about break-ups, affairs, jail time and whatever else celebrities do, why should health status be considered private when nothing else is? All of you celebrities signed up for this when you became famous, if you no longer like that the media controls your life, get out of the spotlight.

  • The paparazzi is out of control as a whole, but TMZ did nothing out of the ordinary.

    It is more than a shame that celebrities have no privacy when it comes to the paparazzi. There need to be laws enforced for the safety of them and their families, as paparazzi and celebrity media have been the cause of many injuries and accidents. However, since these laws do not exist, TMZ did nothing wrong or out of the ordinary. Rumors are constantly turned into news stories, because there is always a race to get the first story, or first picture, when it comes to celebrity media. TMZ just did their job. Unfortunately, celebrity gossip and rumors are always in high demand, so while their behavior is distasteful, it wasn't wrong.

  • Not At All

    I do not like TMZ and what they do, but they were not wrong at all for what they did. They got a scoop on a story and released it to the public. There is nothing wrong with that. Lil Wayne and his camp know that someone in his position will have their personal lives out in the open.

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