• Yes, Todd Akin is 'partially right' about rape.

    I have to say yes because I do not know for sure. It seem ridiculous and unthinkable that the body will tell the difference. There is no scientific evidence stating this is true. But then again, there is no scientific evidence that proves his religious beliefs are true. It was his religion after all that led him to this conclusion correct? I do not think he is correct in his assumptions, but I cannot disprove them.

    Christians were very quick to criticize this outrageous remark about rape, but cling to the same texts when on the subject of abortion and gay marriage. What makes his comments any different?

  • He wasn't right at all; let alone partially right.

    The fact that he thinks a rape can be 'legitimate' should be the only thing people see to to realise he's wrong and that he's a woman-hating misogynist who thinks that rape has to be categorised. What makes a 'legitimate rape' anyway? What is he on about?

    Also, it's scientifically incorrect. A woman's body can't prevent itself from becoming pregnant through unprotected sex, so what makes it unable to protect itself during a rape? It can't tell the difference.

    This is why it's a good thing Todd Akin isn't in power.

  • No

    Absolutely not, there is no scientific basis separating "legitimate" rape from a less-than-legitimate rape biologically. The woman's uterus knows no difference between whether or not any rape is "legitimate". If this were true then any woman who has supposedly been "legitimately" raped wouldn't have contracted STDs or became pregnant from this rape

  • Nope

    Todd Akin's baseless assessment, which can be summarized by saying that women's bodies have the ability to determine the "legitimacy" of a rape, has no medical evidence supporting it. To say Todd Akin is partially correct would be tantamount to saying that one does not have a good understanding of basic female anatomy.

  • Nothing partially right about Todd Akin's remarks on rape

    No, Todd Akin was not 'partially right' about rape. There has been no evidence to suggest that pregnancy rates between rape victims and consenting adults are any different. If a woman has ovulated, rape or not, there is a chance she can get pregnant with unprotected sex. A woman's reproductive system does not just 'shut down'; if this were true then rape would result in zero pregnancies.

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