• Damn imperialist devil

    I think his entrance into Iraq was uncalled for. Imperialist warmonger is what this douchebag is. Evil, evil, man. I think he is one of Satan's ministers, along with Gordon Brown, the imperialist. I think both of these guys are the cause of misery in the world. Damn the both of them!

  • Hes much more than a genocide to Iraq

    Hes involved with a eugrnics project with Bill Clinton (pedo) this is a front for a satanic cull. .
    They identify peoples genes from birth. . N poison and gangstalk people who are different gene type from them.
    Similar to nazi programes they poison disabled people and blacks and browns.
    He is part of the same cult as Jimmy Savile.

  • Sperm of Satan

    Looks like a devil
    Acts like a devil
    Behaves like a devil
    Thrives on lies and deceit
    Directly responsible for the murder of thousands
    Lied to the British public, lied to parliament took us to war on a pack of lies
    Tony Blair is a war criminal
    Son of Satan

  • Yes he is

    He deceived the UK electorate with lies to enter a war that was not needed in Iraq. The terrorists were based on the Pakistan and Afgan border. Key leaders were from Saudi Arabia. He is responsible for UK soldiers unnecessary deaths as well as hundred thousands of civillians. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 and no weapons of mass destruction were found. So being quilty of causing mass murder while knowingly lying to the public who voted for his party makes him a Satan.

  • He is a satan

    Hahahaha I'm laughing so hard I just had to vote this. Is he A SATAN? Guys this is literally the funniest thing ever I must always remember the question about whether or not Tony Blair was A SATAN. This is the most objectively funny thing that has ever existed. I'm voting yes because lol.

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