• He should not have been there.

    Toronto mayor Rob Ford was out of place in Hollywood during the Academy Awards. He does not belong there because his notoriety is based upon his drug scandals. He might be a subject of a documentary or was simply invited, but he does not belong in that environment simply for being famous for his behavior.

  • Rob Ford belongs nowhere in public.

    Rob Ford is in dire need of an intervention. He has been going too hard, and too long. His drug use is so blatant, and yet he has not been arrested. His temper is obvious, yet no charges have been filed. When he shows up to public occasions such as the Academy Awards, people just snicker and mock. He sucks the prestige out of such events and should not be invited to public affairs.

  • No, Rob Ford belonged with the Hollywood crowd.

    I think that Rob Ford looked like he belonged with the Hollywood crowd last night during the Academy Awards in Hollywood. I think that people like him are welcomed in that type of atmosphere. It is actually a sad state of affairs if you think about it. Hollywood is weird.

  • He was out of line

    I do not think that Toronto mayor Rob Ford was out of place in Hollywood during the Academy Awards. He is who he is, and most people love him. He has a very overwelming personality, which some people love and some people hate. He is a funny guy, we need to learn not to take things so seriously.

  • He was there?

    How very cool. He is larger than life, does not mind being a buffoon, and is very good at his job. He was probably right in his element having a good time. If he was there by invitation, then more power to the person who invited him. I hope he had a good time and gave the press what they crave.

  • No, I don't think Rob Ford was out of playing in Hollywood.

    I think Rob Ford is an eccentric character who can be expected to do and say eccentric things and that is why he has such a large media following, I don't think anything is out of place for Rob Ford and as long as the media gives him attention the more he will do crazy things.

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