• Yes,Trayvon Martin was a normal child

    Despite being demonized to a certain extent Trayvon Martin can easily be thought of as a normal child.He wanted his freedom and got into small amounts of trouble such as smoking marijuana.He was just coming back from the store having bought snacks and drinks that were popular among many children of all ages.

  • Yes, Trayvon Martin was a normal child as well as a victim.

    Trayvon Martin was a normal child who could have easily been your child, walking on the street with some candy and expecting to get to his destination in one piece. Like any normal child, he had problems, but unfortunately the part about him that was not normal was that he was murdered out in the open and his killer walked free.

  • Oh heck no

    Don’t start nothin’ won't be nothin’. Never know who’s packin Heat. Especially in Florida. Would be smart to just keep on walking home. No big deal. Some dude following me in a car or on the side walk I go home and get my gun not turn around and confront him. Crazy people everywhere.

  • No Trayvon Martin was not a "normal" child.

    Trayvon did not grow up with his biological mother or father, but a friend of the family. His mother did not raise him although he knew where his mother and father were. The woman who raised him spoiled him rotten to make up for being an unwanted child, his surrogate mother spoiled him and looked the other way when he constantly got in trouble acting like a thug, selling dope, beating up other kids, bringing weapons to school. At the time he was shot, he had been suspended from school for the third time and was staying out of Miami with his b. Father...Who let him wander the streets at night. Trayvon was an abandoned child just waiting for an incident to kill him. He picked on the wrong guy when Trayvon decided to try and punch a man out and then bang Zimmerman's head into the concrete...And got shot dead.

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