• Yes it is.

    Yes this is true. Trump's choice of Bannon is a signal of how he will govern. This is evidenced by how the Bannon is. Trump as a leader he does what he wants and what suits him in his own way and liking. By the look of this and comparison, Bannon is a big signal of Donald Trump is planning to govern the US.

  • George W. Bush gave the same indicators.

    Who a person chooses to surround themselves with in the Oval Office is a good indicator of how that person will govern. Trump has chosen some mainstream Republicans, or even those that lean a little bit to the establishment. This is further to the conservative side than what George W. Bush surrounded himself with, so Trump will likely be more conservative.

  • Draining the Swamp was a motto only

    It's very disappointing to see that Trump is surrounding himself with the very same people that we hated during the Bush years, especially after he talked about "draining the swamp" that is Washington D.C. Bannon, Bolton, Christie, and Giuliani are terrible picks for any sort of government position, and yet they are back. Somehow the rejected swampwater from 2004 got into the system.......

  • No, Bannon might be just a fall guy for Trump's policies

    No, Bannon might be just a fall guy for Trump's policies. Since Donald Trump is a very unpredictable figure, I wouldn't be surprised if Bannon would serve as a fall guy for Trump's moves which will be different from what he promised during his campaign. Trump will do what he feels is profitable for him, not what anyone tells him.

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