• Yes, Tupac Shakur was killed by East Coast rappers.

    Yes, Tupac Shakur was killed by East Coast rappers because of the feud going on in the between East Coast and West Coast rappers. Although East coast rapper The Notorious B.I.G. denied being involved in Tupac's murder, it is believe that he was murdered in retaliation to Shakur's death. Shakur's murder still remains unsolved.

  • No why does people not realize this

    Tupac was killed by the illumanati because he blew them off tupac did not want to go to hell he quit the illuminati and they wanted revenge the company got away with it because they knew the east coast would get blamed and the company is so big that could sue some officers just for asking the question

  • Tupac Was Killed at Random

    Tupac Shakur, although quite hated by the East Coast, was still respected and needed by them. Because they saw themselves as strong and opposing, they need an 'enemy' and another person to be against in order to keep their strength. Shakur was killed at random, which isn't an uncommon occurrence especially where he's from.

  • Money bought a hit

    Back in a much more dangerous time in hip hop, it wouldn't take that much money to find a lot of seasoned criminals who know what they are doing to take out Tupac fast and quick at a public event. In my opinion, both were set up by the Bloods and the Crips, executed quickly and paid.

  • Have no idea

    I'm sorry but why do people still concern themselves with Tupac. His music was average at best and he didn't do anything to make this world a better place. Does it really matter at this point who killed him? So please concern yourself with more important things like global warming and how to stop it.

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