Was using Cheryl Cole as a "weight goal" on Celebrity Weight Scales offensive to women?

  • Cheryl Cole weight goal

    I think they should not use a person as a weight goal as they did on Celebrity Weight Scales. Each person had a different body type and trying to achieve the same weight goal as another individual is impossible. The goals should be based on how their body is formed and what areas they need to reduce the weight on.

  • Seriously what has Cheryl Cole ever done to you?

    Of all the people that we can whine about (like Jennifer Anniston, a KKK girl who said "retard" and starred on the racist TV show "Friends"), instead we choose to whine about Cole. Cole is a nice girl for crying out loud. She's never done anything to anyone. She wouldn't harm a fly. I believe that.

  • Cheryl Cole as a weight is not an offensive reference.

    Using Cheryl Cole as a "weight goal" on Celebrity Weight Scales is not offensive to women. The skinny star simply has a look that many women want. We could have replaced her name with any other skinny celeb's name. This is more of a compliment to a specific woman than an insult to many.

  • Deal with your own personal issues, stop trying to decide for everyone else.

    No, using Cheryl Cole as a weight goal on Celebrity Weight Scales was not offensive to women. If you see someone being held up as a goal, and you don't find relevance in it, then say "I don't find relevance in that person." Don't pitch a fit and try to decide for everyone what is and isn't relevant for them.

  • A great figure

    No, it was not offensive to women to use her as a weight goal. She is a very fit woman, and is very lean. She has worked very hard to stay at the size she is, and is a good role model for other women to want to follow and look like.

  • Offensive to Cole

    I'm not sure how this is offensive to anyone other than...Cheryl Cole. It is true that the media puts an awful, intense pressure on women to be thin, and people may construe this as something in that vein, but it honestly is more just insultng to Cole as a person.

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