• Yes

    It will be a problem at every election until they require you to show an ID when you go to vote. It is very easy for someone to walk in and say that they are someone else and then vote for them. I think that you should show a driver license or ID. If you do not have one you would not be able to vote.

  • Yes, voter fraud was an issue in the 2012 election.

    New Jersey allowed their voters to email their votes in, with the requirement to send it in writing later. The email address was to a "hotmail" account, which in theory, could be hacked. Further, the votes were "counted" but who is to say that the documents they were required to send, actually got sent after.

  • Yes I believe it is possible voter fraud was a problem in the 2012 election

    I have heard that in at least one place, people who voted for Romney were seeing their vote changed to Obama before they even left the voting booth. Those people were able to catch it in time to change it back, many others were not able to? It may well have been a problem nationwide for all we know, which would have impacted the entire thing altogether, the outcome especially.

    So yeah I think voter fraud could have been a problem in this election, might not be able to be proven, but I think it is possible.

  • Romney Conceded the Race

    Mitt Romney conceded the race to incumbent President Barack Obama. If he felt voter fraud was an issue in the 2012 election, he wouldn't have given up. Even if fraud was alleged later, there is no way Romney can go back on his word now. Votes will be certified in the coming weeks and the Electoral College will meet in December to officially elect Obama as president for a second term.

  • No, I don't believe voter fraud was a problem

    No, I don't believe voter fraud was a problem in the 2012 Presidential election. Most places had good security. Who would alter a ballot if they know what could happen to them. I did hear that some people were getting their votes changed to Romney in Pennsylvania when the voted for Obama, but this could just have been a glitch. So no, I think the election was fair.

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