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  • In every sense

    From the consumer-driven lifestyle, to the technology-reliance, to the laziness and morbid obesity, this movie hit the nail on the head. Not to mention the planet being screwed soon. It's a cautionary tale that more than likely will be ignored though. I can only hope I'm either not here to see it or I'm too old to be aware of it when it comes.

  • Wall-E was right.

    With technology advancing daily, I wouldn't be surprised that in the near future we would neglect taking care of the environment. (As blatantly shown in Wall-E, the futuristic earth was covered in garbage). Our phones not only have the capability to distract us from something as important as our environment, but also distracts us from even the small things like maybe going outside for a breath of fresh air and prevents us from doing more productive things. At one point in the movie, Wall-E had finally found Eve incased and shut down on a futuristic moving subway zooming across the virtual city. Wall-E accidentally pumped into one of the humans and temporarily shut down their "electronic chair," on the subway as he tried to get to Eve. Once the virtual screen was gone, the human gaped in wonder at the virtual world she saw around her- realizing she'd missed a lot around her because of technology.
    Hopefully, (by some miracle), technology can be used in moderation in the future. But that too, seems unlikely since Transhumanism is currently a major project that has to do with another form of technology called nanotechnology. But now I'm just digressing, so anyways that is my opinion.

  • We are so busy inventing things to make life 'better' that we don't see the future we are creating may not be what we want.

    It seems that when we are inventing new items or technology we don't think too hard about what wider impact that it may have on our future lives. The movie Wall-E highlights the dangers of making life too easy with gadgets and sends a powerful message to the very best target audience - kids. Will these kids care more than adults and actually do something about their future? Or is the future too hard for them to visualise because it is changing so rapidly??

  • I believe that WALL-E (the movie) has predicted right about our future.

    Our generation has grown up with new inventions to "help" us, but personally I think that we are just getting lazier in both mind and body.

    To both children and adults, WALL-E warns us the dangers of over-consumption, mindless consumerism, cultural conformity, environmental carelessness and laziness. It’s a social agenda that is actually pretty admirable especially for young children. Just like the positive values have been repeated through the movie’s main story.

  • How was Wall-E right? Its a movie.

    Ya, we may have created a huge amount of damage to the earth with new technology, but there is a ton of work being done to help the environment. In Germany they now have "green roofs" on buildings that have soil and plants on the top of the buildings. The soil acts as good insulation and the plants keep the climate at a lower temperature and the plants release oxygen. Efforts are being done world wide to reverse what I will now call the "Wall-E effect". The only thing that might be right about Wall-E is that people are getting fat. But even that is something that can change no problem

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