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  • Art in name of an artist.

    Both able to paint a detailed, structured painting as well as a work of abstract art, I believe Wassily Kandinksy was in fact a wonderful artists. Most esteemed artists are known for a specific type of art in which they mastered, very few do we get to witness artists who posses many talents in the form of art as Kandinksy did.

  • Yes, Wassily Kandinsky was a great artist.

    I am familiar with some of the work of Wassily Kandinsky. I have seen several pieces and have enjoyed each of them I love the use of shapes and colors in the paintings. Also I have been a fan of abstract art and drawings since I can remember and love how Kandinsky fits right into this category.

  • Spoke to me.

    Yes, Wassily Kandinsky was a great artist, because he led the way for abstract and modern art. He was an influential Russian painter that really got people thinking about modern art. He definitely deserves to be honored by Google Art for a day because of his contributions to the modern art world.

  • Wassily Kandinsky was both an influential painter and a great art theorist.

    Wassily Kandinsky was both an influential painter and a great art theorist. He paint one of first, if not acutally the first, of the world's purely abstract works. He was both talented and an excellent teacher. He instructed at the Bauhaus school of art and architecture before moving to France.

  • He was not good at all

    Wassily k was thought to be a legend but all he ever did as throw paint on a piece of paper and make thousands if that was true i would be a millionare the art world is a bunch of bolony because you can do anything and become an artist

  • You're dang right he's awful

    He just threw a big load of crap on a peice of paper and smeared it around, after that, he made them into circles. A baby can paint circles like that, and that was mostly it, not to mension, at that time, the red paint was blood, and the yellow urin, so this painting is gross and resembles bubblewrap, or mabye at that time, THE INSIDE OF A DEAD CAT THAT GOT RAN OVER!

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