• It got Americans to think more

    Prior to the Pentagon Papers and Watergate, The POTUS had an almost cult like following. By revealing just how easy it could be for someone like Nixon to get away with something as serious as ordering the theft of information on a high ranking political opponent, Watergate served as a sobering admonition to the dangers of unchecked political power/influence and has since changed the way we look at the actions taken by various politicians.

  • Promoted usage of non-medical marijauna.

    That’s right, you heard me. Nixon was against freelance drugs, but removing him from being a high (no pun intended) ranking official was the best thing that the American government could have done. I heard he was also a male prostitute. I don’t know about you, but I like the thought of that.

  • Got Nixon Out of There

    Watergate was good for American politics for a number of reasons. First, it got Richard Nixon out of the White House. The only reason he wanted the position in the first place was for power and not for helping Americans. Second, the scandal reaffirmed the belief in freedom of the press. The public had a right to know what happened when Nixon tried to spy on his political rivals. Finally, Watergate saved America from further embarrassment brought to us by a bad president.

  • It exposed evil at the highest form of government

    Watergate was a good thing when it was exposed. It showed the American people just how far their commander-in-chief had gone to win an election. It's good for the people to know what's really going on in government. It's very much like the recently exposed secrets from Snowden. No matter when, where, or what, the people have a right to know!

  • Of Course It Was Bad

    I believe the Watergate scandal was bad for American politics. The Nixon administration broke into the Democratic National Committee headquarters. There's not anything particularly good about this scandal and that's the exact reason why Nixon was so quick to resign once it fell apart. Given the events happened today, however, I don't think people would be near as upset since we seem to be fine with our current spying programs. No ones really spoken up about it.

  • It tore the country apart.

    Watergate was bad fore American politics, because it made both political parties look poor. Obviously the Republicans looked poor for playing party politics. The democrats did not do much better because they did not call for unity on the issue. Really, Watergate ushered in the era of cruel and ruthless partisan politics.

  • No, Watergate was bad for American politics.

    Watergate was bad for American politics, and the country as a whole. It seemed to cause a shift in politics where suddenly people could no longer trust the commander-in-chief. It was a bad thing for people to have to watch a President step down from office. That being said, there was possibly something positive to it, in that the country, in modern times, saw that the government could quickly adapt and change if a scandal occurred in the White House.

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