Was what happened in Bensonhurst, 1989, a racially-charged incident?

Asked by: Adam2isback
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  • People are stupid; the testimony and witnesses speak for themselves...
    According to this, a crackhead, and the Daily News doesn't dispute this, named Gina Feliciano wanted to settle a score with Mondello and his bros. Turns out, Yusef was walking right past them and he was invovled in stealing bicycle caps, which got Mondello suspicious and so he launched the attack. When he realized it was not the guy, it was too late.

    This isn't like Howard Beach 3 years earlier, where the criminals outright tried to scare away non-whites. This was a gang murder. But I love how idiots claim that it was. It makes me laugh. I love Yusef and his family, and I feel for them. But racially-charged this wasn't.

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