Was Wheaton College justified in suspending the professor who made a statement claiming Muslims and Christian worhsip the same god?

  • Not at all.

    I don't know why colleges have suddenly decided they are allowed to police what people say and, by extension, believe. They are too worried about the public perception of them and have forgotten about rights and privileges that all citizens are supposed to have. They need to wake up and realize people should be able to say what they like.

  • Academic Freedom for professors

    There's a reason for tenure - to protect unpopular speech by professor, even if it means students get angry. Professors have a right to say anything and give reason why they believe that. But the professor has a duty to allow students to voice their opinions without academic reprisal as well. Dr Soren has every right to say Buddha and Jesus both wore kilts if he wants and explain why he thinks that.

  • Yahweh is the source of Hebrew and Muslim roots.

    Yahweh is the name of the God that the Semites adopted thousands and thousands of years ago. Muslim religion is an offshoot of the Semetic Hebrew religion. Christianity is an offshoot of Yahweh,,the Semite God of the Hebrews. Both Christianity and Muslianity recognize several of the same past events and characters mentioned and referenced in the Torah and Pentatuech. This professor is essentially correct based on the question given and worded here.

  • Wheaton College was Not Justified in Suspending Their Professor

    Larycia Hawkins, the professor at Wheaton College who was suspended for claiming that Muslims and Christians worship the same god, was treated with injustice regarding this event. She did not deny either religion's doctrines, nor did she promote one religion's beliefs over the other. She stated, quite simply, that each religion worships the same God. This is similar to the Christian belief that Christians worship the same God as those belonging to the Jewish faith. Although the face of each God is different in those two religions, and the beliefs regarding each God are vastly different (for example there is Jesus Christ in Christianity, as well as the Holy Trinity, which Judaism denies as being part of their one true God), ultimately Christians agree that the God himself is the same in each religion. If this belief is acceptable, then why is Hawkins' statement grounds for suspension? The suspension itself appears to reveal the college's issue with Muslims, and not that of theology.

  • No, Wheaton College was not justified

    No, Wheaton College was not justified for suspending a professor for saying that Muslims and Christians worship the same god. This was his opinion. College is supposed to be a place where students can be exposed to different ideas. Religion should not be excluded for the type of topics about which people can express their ideas.

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