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Adam2 says2014-07-12T23:10:27.330
That movie was just a dumified ripoff of "Crazy-Beautiful." Now that was a film with heart about a rebellious girl. "White Oleander" was dumb. What the heck was it with Lohman wearing a mother---king sunvisor? Lol That is such a disgrace to real baseball caps. What is this world COMING TO? Lol
Besides what seperates trash like that movie from movies like that "Bring it On" and "Crazy/Beautiful" is that the former just makes today's generation look like a bunch of heartless idiots, whereas the latter two were movies about teens with HEART! Determined to be the best! The Spanish spirit lol
"Oleander" is so dumb that I had to put a picture of "Crazy/Beautiful" -- "Oleander" is just too painfully stupid to watch lol
Adam2 says2014-07-12T23:12:43.193
The only good parts of that movie (if any) was that beautiful Southern mother, and Michelle Pfeiffer).
The characters in "Crazy/Beautiful" were awesome, and unlike "Oleander" which was pretty much (something worse than nihilism) some dumb clueless b--ch, "Crazy/Beautiful" was a beautiful story of redemption and romance (between that Spanish fella and Dunst).
Plus Dunst's Spanish friend was a lovely young lady, even moreso than Dunst (maybe it's just Spanish so I'm biased lol).
Lohman wanting to be Dunst! What a joke! Lol