• Tupper was evil.

    William Johnston Tupper was a very evil person. William Johnston Tupper committed many terrible acts in his time, When he was enlisted in the Canadian Army, he did terrible things to the Northwest Rebellion. While some of the things he did was good, at his core he was a very evil person.

  • He could have been a local Kleagle with the acts he commited

    He led the Northwest Rebellion and committed a load of atrocious acts. His grandfather, Charles Tupper, was also very cruel. Committing atrocities against the French in Canada, with the suppression of the French Quebec people. He comes from a family who committed these horrible, horrible acts. Worse than Hitler if you ask me.

  • William Johnston Tupper was not evil.

    William Johnston Tupper was a public official in Canada, and although he was not always popular, he was certainly not evil. He did not commit any major crimes and he did not seriously hurt anyone. It would be a great exaggeration to say that this minor historical figure was truly evil.

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