Was Winston Churchill a better leader than Adolf Hitler?

Asked by: stephenmoore
  • This unfortunately in an open opinion is a very hard judgement, but I believe he was.

    The two leaders used very different but almost parallel ways of leading their countries. Churchill was a divide between socialist and capitalist (it was very difficult to choose in the brink of war however), but did obviously set the foundations of the NHS and a more balanced country. Hitler is obviously very right wing, and wanting a balanced and pure basis in which he would build his Nazi race upon. Churchill showed great leadership during the war (but didn't get the chance after as the public voted for somebody new). He went through the streets of the recently bombed cities, raising the moral of the working men and the women and children who were left homeless. Hitlers "right" in my eyes was done before the war in the 1930's, when he drew Germany out of recession. He was part of a political group, set up by the working man, and had socialist views and promised a new and fairer country for the people. His political ideas were very good, and did seem to have good intentions. During the war, Hitler was a battleground mastermind, focusing on technology and caring about his people greatly. Despite murdering millions of Jews and Homosexuals and disabled people, he created what would be a stable and great empire. Both leaders did great things for their countries, however I chose Churchill as I believe (and many other people probably would) that he had the best intentions, and caused more good in the aftermath of the war than Hitler did.

  • Churchill opposed Hitler from day 1.

    Churchill was the best pick for Prime Minister of Britain and made bold statements to condemn Hitler for the atrocities Hitler committed. He also encouraged the British people to stand strong against the Nazis and his good relationship with President Franklin D. Roosevelt and skillful leadership helped the Allies win the war and gave the Nazis a whipping the world would never forget.

  • Winston was a terrible leader.

    Hitler saved Germany and it's economy and he was compassionate towards animals. Whereas Churchill encourage the slaughter of animals for the "war effort and he has no compassion towards Boers and Indians as he thought that he is superior and treated them like what Hitler did to Jews. There is no denying that Hitler made labor camps and death camps. But Churchill never learnt a lesson and during the Mau Mau uprising and Malayan Emergency Churchill made a labor camp that is equivalent or sometimes worse than Nazi camps. Hitler improved his country's technology as he created Volkswagen, rockets, fanta and there is countless more to be listed

  • No he was not

    I do not think anyone can question Adolf Hitler's ability to lead with the way he was able to lead and manipulate so many people in to doing such evil crimes against humanity. I do not think Winston Churchill could have been capable of leading in the same capacity as Hitler not to say that the direction Hitler was leading was the right one.

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