• Maybe not legally wrong

    The ick factor however cannot be overstated. Ethically it seems pretty questionable, but in the end it's two consenting adults doing as they choose to do, more power to them, and i hope they're very happy. It probably does make for rather awkward Thanksgivings and Christmases though. I'm guessing the arguments get entertaining.

  • Yes, its disgusting

    As the parents of a child, adopted ones also, your job is to nurture and protect, not fantasize about. Woody got in trouble for possessing naked pictures of her as a little girl, so it was not something that started when she turned 18. THis was more a case of a sexual predator grooming and waiting to be able to strike on an innocent victim that couldnt get away.

  • Yes He Was

    I feel like Woody Allen was wrong to marry his former girlfriend's adopted daughter, but all in all, it truly is not any of my business. What people do in their personal life matters little to me and I'm not one to spend the day gossiping about celebrities. I would have to assume such an arrangement would be seriously awkward, but there again, it doesn't affect me.

  • He is a creeper.

    Yes, Woody Allen was wrong to marry his former girlfriend's adopted daughter, because that is a family relationship and he was in a position of authority over her. Woody Allen has done some very creepy things, including probably criminal sexual conduct of his step daughter. He should have been prosecuted years ago.

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