• Yes it was

    Yes, I think that we went to war for a very just reason, and every nation that was helping and fighting as an ally was the ones that were on the good side. All of the other countries fighting us were the ones that were fighting for the wrong reasons.

  • Yes, leadership and government structures did what they had to do.

    World War I was absolutely ethically justified for the Allies, who went out of their way to aid France and others in this time of need. War is a time of action, not a time of reflection. The Allies acted, combined forces, and although the consequences were drastic, the battle was won.

  • The war was justified.

    World War I was ethically justified for the Allies. The United States did not want to be involved at first. When Pres. Wilson heard that Germany said it would fire upon ships of neutral countries in waters they claimed to be in their own territory, Pres Wilson said he would retaliate if we wer hit. Germany fired upon the Lusitania and we thus became involved. We took our side and since our allies had the same side, we view this as a justified war.

  • Germany violated sovereignty.

    Yes, World War I was ethically justified for the Allies, because Germany violated international sovereignty and interrupted trading routes. Germany was fighting bitterly for control abroad. War was necessary to stop Germany from its efforts to gain control over Europe and the rest of the world. The other nations of the Allied powers had to defend their right to exist.

  • War is never ethical, but their actions were justified.

    Yes, I do believe that World War I was completely justified for the Allies. Germany was trying to empire build (an attempt they'd try again a few short decades later) and needed to be quickly stopped. The aggression threatened the Allies and their citizens, and their participation was vital and justified.

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