• It was a terrible idea

    Hitler should not have started world war II. Not just because it was wrong and Hitler was a horrible evil person, but from a standpoint of logic. How did he ever expect to overcome Russia, France, and Britain? And how did he not consider that the United States would most likely get involved? He was already enjoying being dictator and he ruined that for himself by starting a war. He could've easily stopped after taking Czechoslovakia and called it a day. If he really needed Poland that badly the smart thing to have done would've been to patiently wait while manufacturing a situation that would strain relations between Poland and Britain and France so Britain and France wouldn't declare war over Poland. As for Russia, he shouldn't have even considered invading Russia. All that land, the harsh winters, and the overwhelming number of people made that impossible.

  • It was terrible

    Hitler was just a plan sicko.Yes we had to stop the Nazi party from spreading,but if Hitler didn't start that mess we wouldn't of had to stop them.The Nazi party could have just been a normal Communist place.But we would have reacted to killing a whole race/religion.Hitler was just a bad guy

  • WWII was not logical

    From a logical standpoint, declaring war based on racial prejudices is not very logical. It was a huge waste of human lives as well as resources, and ruined Germany's economy for decades to come. Those who say it wasn't a bad idea because the allies needed to stop Hitler, well technically the question means was it logical for Hitler to start World War II.

  • Depends on your Opinion but Yes in my opinion.

    The Holocaust is a lie based on feelings more than facts. The World War 2 was just a continuation of WW1, which the British and French started after declaring war on Germany. A war that Germany was not prepared for, since they barely focused on their Naval capability to invade England. The Real enemy of Germany was the USSR, which in fact was every ones biggest enemy. America declared an embargo in Japan, just cause they wanted to expand further into Asia. They already had the Philippines as a vassal of their foreign policy why no further Asian powers. Japan became Imperialistic out of fear of British Invasion, after all it was England that has invaded the majority of the world. As for the Jews, the final plan was to send them all to Palestine as it was voted by the Zionist Jews who lived in Germany. The whole war was just England trying to keep their Empire and American foreign aggression that dint help no one at the end of days. Here are all the links of information, from the Philines American occupation, to Jewish Nazi supporters who killed both Arabs and British whom later became the very seat of power in Israel. The whole war just caused millions of deaths, for those in power to keep their power, sheeps follow anything they hear and thus today WW2 is still a massive heated topic that no one will ever find a clear winner.
    All country fight for expansionism. Britain was the biggest Imperialistic power in the world and America was extremely racist against all races but white people. Do not paint history with rainbows and accept the fact that during WW2 there were no good guys, just victors. The trials against Germany were a fraud, as they were one sided and torture methods were used to fabricate stories.
    Don't believe me look at this link. Facts are hard to swallow.

  • We had to stop the Nazis.

    It was justified, as declaring war on Nazi Germany was a reasonable venture, to stop Hitler from his oppression of the German people, and to stop his plan to conquer Europe. World War II wasn't a bad idea, because the idea of the War was to stop Hitler, and that is what happened, and I doubt anyone thinks the ending the reign of the Nazi's was a bad outcome.

  • Depends on your viewpoint

    If your looking at Hitler's actions that started it, then yes, it was a bad idea. It was a bad idea for him to do what he did. A Holocaust? Conquering Europe, and allying with similar states wanting to conquer their regions? That was not going to be tolerated from the rest of the world. If you are looking at the Allied response, no, it wasn't a "bad idea". While I would consider myself much more of a diplomat and wanting to prevent war as much as we can - especially in a situation like this when not every German soldier was a Nazi and was just following orders from their horrible superiors, I don't think we could negotiate well with the Axis Powers. The Soviet Union did, and they just got back-stabbed by Nazi Germany. They were able to beat them because of their region, which German soldiers were not used to, but Soviet soldiers were masters of; it was unknown territory to the Nazis. We had to stop the Axis Powers because everyone was in danger, and I don't think any of us would like to live under oppressive regimes today. So yes, from an Allied viewpoint, it was both a fine and very necessary response to the Axis.

  • Hitler's reign needed to be demolished

    While the globe going into a full scale war over a genocide in Germany may seem too much, the occupation was reaching other countries and action was required. The war stopped Him and reformed the German government. Which was also a plus, though the economic crash ruined their country as it did in WWI, this had bounced back.

  • It was justified

    Hitler was openly abusing Jewish people, naming them a disgrace to Germany and sending them to horrific concentration camps. Had WWII not been started, a crisis worse than the war itself would have arisen. Hitler was committing crimes against humanity, a.K.A begging to be fought. World War Two was a righteous war, no matter what the cause.

  • It was a just war

    World War 2 was one of the wars in human history that I can say was justified. One of the justifiable reasons to wage war is to repel an invading force, and that sums up what the Nazis were. It was also waged as a last resort; at first Europe was reluctant to declare war on Germany and tried to appease Hitler at first.

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