• Historically, Yes, for Men of and for the US.

    Of course, there was so much anguish, pain, death and fear. But what men overcame and fought for made it all worthwhile. The ends justify the means. Looking back, if our men hadn't been brave and fought for our country and the rights of others, it is a scary unfathomable thought where we might be today.

  • Not the war itself

    World War II was a terrible time for men- the anxiety of the greatest nations on earth fighting each other could never have made for a good time. Besides, ask the people who were victims of Nazi Germany's cruelty or the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. If you're asking if it was a time when people were good, then yes, in many ways it was. The Greatest Generation was indeed the greatest generation. They were proud, devoted to their country, responsible and feared the Lord. That's why they fared so well in the war.

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THZX says2013-09-04T03:21:38.623
For Jews? Maybe not. For countries? Not at all. But for the unemployed? Probably. Thought it wasn't pretty.