• Women's Rights were born out of the war.

    The war meant women would work in jobs previously only occupied by men. They showed the world that they were just as good as men and that they could all do the same things. It was a great time for women's rights and, in that aspect, changed the world for the better.

  • WWII was not a good time for anyone.

    Numerous women lost their fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, husbands, and sons during the war. Their families were destroyed. The lack of a male workforce compelled many women to work long hours in sweat shop conditions, filling gunpowder into bullets and building other military weapons used to kill people. And then there was the rationing. Women had to do without some of their favorite goods.

    Oh, and that's assuming she lived in the United States. If she lived anyone on continental Europe, there was a high probability of being killed during a carpet bomb run or artillery barrage. On the Eastern Front, tens of thousands of women were raped by advancing Nazi and Red Army soldiers. Jewish women were gassed in concentration camps.

    So no. WWII was not a good time for women...At all.

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