• A Terrible Mistake

    Japan, Italy, and Germany should never have started invading countries like they did and Japan certainly should've avoided bombing Pearl Harbor. What were they thinking? They obviously made this mistake because they were too riled up in nationalism for the thought of "we're going to lose this hard" to come to mind.

  • Nuclear bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a HUGE mistake!

    The U.S and its Allies could have used other means to stop Japan. Such as blockade, and assassinating the elite. But they didn't. For example, Russia nuclear bombed the people on Chinese soil. But not the one who is in charge.

    All war is deception.
    It is very preventable.
    But I guess the population agenda is still on course as we speak.

  • We were attacked, and we acted accordingly.

    We didn't decide to get into World War II on our own. We tried to maintain diplomatic standards, and then Japan decided to strike our harbor and kill our troops and civilians alike. We retaliated, and we won the war with blood sweat and tears, I honestly cannot look and say it was a mistake. Rather I say it was a mistake of Imperial Japan screwing with us in the first place, because look where they ended up.

  • depends on your point of view

    Of course it was a mistake for the Axis powers to do what they did. For example, 6 million jews being killed from "death by fire," commonly known as the holocaust. I am positive that no one denies that all those people dying was wrong. But being drawn into WWII was not a mistake for many countries (i.E Great Britain, France, U.S.A) those countries literally saved the world. If not for them then Germany and Japan would have conquared everything. So i believe the people who voted yes were just confused or did not understand the question. I realize my spelling is not the greatest im sorry. Thank You.

  • For many reasons, no!

    Many lives were lost in the second World War. But who can tell how many countless lives were saved? In addition to defending democracy and the Free World, FDR made the decision to fight in World War II out of necessity, not pure irrational spur-of-the-moment decision making.

    In addition to the defensive reasons why the war was necessary, another major benefit of the war was the economic boost it gave the country. During the 1930s, America was in a deep recession that caused about a quarter of Americans to be unemployed, the stock market crashed, and jobs were few and far between. The war created demand for new supplies and therefore, demand for labor and goods. People were back on their feet and working again, and finally the nation was propelled into an era of prosperity.

    Who's to say what would have happened if America had never stepped in? No one really knows. All we know is what happened as a result...And there were many positive benefits.

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