• Yes, He was

    Who ever thinks that fighting for your country is called “Terrorism” you guys just need to use your brain because if someone attacked the US fighting for it won't be called terrorism but when the Palestinians fight for there land its called being a terrorest. Taser Arafat wasn’t a terrorest he was just fighting for his land

  • He was a good leader

    While his actions were not right, he was able to use guerilla warfare effectively achieve some of the goals of the PLO and give hope to the refugees who were displaced during the 6-day war and rally against the Israelis even after they had destroyed the Palestinians' allies' airforce and disabled their army.

  • Yes, you must consider

    That Arafat yielded the Palestinian cause to an international agenda, troubling the world with the reality that not all malevolence and enmity was drawn from the Arabs. Through his speech to the UN General Assembly Resolution 3236 and 3237 were endorsed, giving right to retain self-determination and allowing an observer seat to Palestine, both of which were milestones in the legitimisation of the PLO. THINK ABOUT IT

  • Yes, he was.

    I do not agree with many things that Yassar Arafat did as a leader and a politician, but he was a good and charismatic leader for the Palestinian Liberation Party. For that specific party, I cannot imagine a better leader and figurehead. He was a perfect leader for that particular party

  • He was an agitator.

    No, Yasser Arafat was not a good leader for the Palestinian Liberation Organization, because he didn't really do anything to address his own people's needs. Fighting Israel is not a way to bring wealth to your own group of people. He should have focused on internal human welfare projects, rather than picking on Israel.

  • He was not a leader of anything. He was a common thug.

    Yasser Arafat was not a leader, he was a terrorist with a fancy title. Terrorism against Israel and against Jews worldwide increased when he was in control of the PLO. Not that Arafat ever got blood on his hands, he was a coward. He didn't even have the courage to die in the land he supposedly was defending.

  • No, He Wasn't

    I do not believe Yasser Arafat was a good leader for the Palestinian Liberation Organization. During a meeting between the president of the US and the leader of Israel, Arafat had the opportunity to set up the Palestinian state and he refused because all of his demands weren't being met. I think his actions were a disservice to the people who stood for.

  • No, Yasser Arafat was not a good leader.

    No, Yasser Arafat was not a good leader for the Palestinian people. He was responsible for the deaths of a lot of his own people due to his irresponsible ways and actions when dealing with the Isreali. Yasser Arafat encourage fighting for land that didn't even belong to the Palestinian people.

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