• yes he was

    Yes, I think that he was a very important leader for them, and that he was most likely the best one that that country has ever seen in their history. He did a lot of good for them, and he worked hard to treat all of the people real fair.

  • Yes, I think Yasser Arafat was the greatest Palestinian leader.

    Yassar Arafat was a great leader who pushed for peace at every possible moment in the very violent Middle Eastern politics, he even earned a Nobel peace prize for doing so, I think more world leaders should emulate Yasser Arafat and see how diplomacy and peace can indeed work if there is there will to do so.

  • Yes, He symbolised the Palestinian cause for over 30 years.

    Yasser Arafat was one of the greater Palestinian leaders as he made a great contribution towards independence of Palestinian-decision making, Despite the threat of confrontations with other Arab regimes. However, He has much controversy surrounding him. To some, He is considered a terrorist condoner, 'a thug, ' but on the other hand he's also regarded as a saviour of the Palestinian people. I'm surprised this debate hasn't got more attention.

  • No, he wasn't.

    I do not think that Yasser Arafat was the greatest Palestinian leader. I think many do believe this because he stood his ground against Sharon and backed his people when he could, but Palestine was falling apart under his control. It's time for people biases to stop playing a part.

  • Arafat was a mass murderer.

    Yasser Arafat was a criminal and terrorist who happened to have enough charisma to get the United Nations to recognize him as a legitimate leader. That was one of that body's gravest errors. The conflicts that claimed so many lives were often done under his direct orders. He is not great, good, or even mediocre. He was a thug.

  • He did not advocate for peace.

    No, Yasser Arafat was not the greatest Palestinian leader, because Yasser Arafat did not lead his people into peace. Yasser Arafat wants to stir up trouble with Israel. He could not have been a good Palestinian leader unless he wanted to tell the truth for the Palestinian people about making peace with Israel.

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