Was Zimmerman a racist (yes) or was he defending himself (no)?

Asked by: Adam2
  • He makes me sick.

    I know it's cliche to be saying "he killed him cause he's black" but Zimmerman went out of his way to approach this kid. Because he looked "sketchy" that's racial profiling to me. And sure "justice was served! Yay Zimmerman! Self defense!" Bullcrap but regardless of if they failed to prove his faults in the courtroom he is a murderer. He murdered a child. A mother and father lost their child they brought into this world due to an idiot who caused a scene. Would he have been less "sketch" if Trayvon wasn't a young black kid wearing a hoodie? Who knows. Bottom line is he should have been punished for his actions. He killed a child. Self defense my ass. Zimmerman came out with what, a scratch the he put a bandage over? While a young boy who should be living his life, is now forever dead and gone. I hope the worst happens to this sick sorry man. He is the true definition of scum.

  • It Was Racial Profiling.

    Zimmerman was clearly biased - there is almost no evidence that Trayvon attacked him, and it seems the only reason that Zimmerman started a bit of a brawl was he was black and out late at night. What kind of country do we live in?! Letting him off the hook because he's Hispanic is silly, too - race is not some kind of determiner of character, clearing him just because HE'S probably also dealt with this kind of prejudice is ridiculous.

  • Yes, he was looking for trouble.

    George Zimmerman was looking for trouble that night and he was tagging a certain look of young black male. That seemed to be so right from the start, but even since then we have seen that this man has a violent streak and a way of looking at the world that is not conducive to tolerance.

  • Change the people in the situation

    Change the people in this situation. See how fast people will shout racism. Simply, black people constantly look for answers and rely (other races too,but mainly black) No one f'n knows Zimmerman's Racial Being, So nobody but god can judge him. All we can do is accept in fact racism does exist and stop depending on the world to take care of us. Wake up! This isnt a f'n argument people

  • The evidence says no

    The evidence presented in court seems to point to him being innocent and race was not a factor.Rachel Jeantel is a questionable "witness" who was on the phone with trayvon during the time of the altercation she stated that Trayvon approached Zimmerman after he was following him(Whether he should have followed or not is questionable) and called Zimmerman a "Creepy ass cracker" and started a fight with him then Zimmerman managed to pull out his gun and shoot him.

  • I don't think he was innocent, but..

    I'm not proud to be on the "no" side of things, but oh well. I'm a bit on the fence on this one. Why does everything have to be about racism when it comes to black people? I understand they are still oppressed and that there are many situations when they are wrongly accused of something because of their skin color. However, this is not one of those times.

    I do not believe Zimmerman was a racist. That's not to say I think he's innocent. I just don't think this was a hate crime. But I don't think he was defending himself either... When it comes down to it, even if he WAS defending himself, he still killed someone. Doesn't that in itself deserve some kind of punishment? But I digress. Zimmerman was not a racist.

  • No, Trayvon was

    Zimmerman became the scapegoat of the media for daring to kill a black teenager who was mercilessly beating him on the concrete pavement. How dare Zimmerman save his own life at the cost of a black teenager? How dare Zimmerman not allow a black teenager to beat his brains out? Sardonic post aside Zimmerman was an upstanding member of a community with varying ethnic groups. Zimmerman himself is a racial mutt but as a person he was a model citizen whereas Trayvon was portraying the negative stereotype of urban black youth.

    That, and Trayvon was the one calling Zimmerman a "cracka". I believe Trayvon started the fight simply because Zimmerman looked white to him.

  • Glad He Won !

    If He would be Black no one would even know about this story ! This only got pushed the way it did because it was a non-black on black situation. NOT a white on black since he is still not white ! Believe it or not ;) Glad Justice Was Served For Once !

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Adam2 says2014-05-27T18:01:56.657
It's difficult to say... Only Zimmerman knows. And unless God wants to reveal to us whether he was a racist, we might never know.