• They are breaking other laws.

    When a person decides to protest, they often break other laws. The laws of impeding traffic and the laws of disturbing the peace are examples of laws that rioters break. These people should be held accountable when protests are organized in a way that break these laws. The public should be able to live in peace.

  • Protests regardless of how they are done have a purpose.

    Looting, rioting and disorderly conduct are all ways for people to blow off steam and let their voices be heard. If protests were restricted than people would push more towards civil war and armed insurrections rather than the above. Trust me the damage is far worst in civil wars. Studies show that when people negatively talk out against the protests they actually get more violent because they feel no one is listening.

  • No, protesting is a fundamental right

    It is my belief that there is no such thing as an "illegal protest." Illegal activities may be committed during a protest, but the act of protesting itself cannot itself be ever illegal. The First Amendment guarantees the right to free speech in a public space. This bill is aimed merely at suppressing points of view the state government dislike.

  • No, illegal protests should not be criminalized

    The right to protest and voice our dissent is one of the most important rights and freedoms that we have an U.S. citizens. It is vital that our citizen continue to challenge issues without being in fear of criminal charges. Protests need to remain peaceful and not be interfered with by government.

  • Protests Protected Under First Amendment

    There shouldn't be such a thing as illegal protests. If people feel strongly about something, protests are helpful. The whole point of a protest is a flaw in the system that people are trying to fix. As long as they stay peaceful, there should not be an infringement upon people's first amendment rights.

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