• It should because...

    Washington D.C. Does not have representation in congress. However, it is forced to abide by the laws it passes. Washington D.C. Has more people in it then a few states, so it could potentially become the 51st state. I believe that it SHOULD become a state because it would be able to have a say in the laws it is forced to abide by.

  • Yes we need it

    We need more when else are we eventually get to 100 states like people could become more diverse and its the country's capital it should be it's own state and we could make two more states so we could say we made the new flag to represent our country. ...

  • Yes please America!

    I need another state because it will make the GREATEST COUNTRY IN AMERICA EVEN BETTER. THink about it! The more states the more power, the more weed laws the more less gun control the more mcDONLANS. I weep at the thought of pushing my poorly formed pride and egotistical views into another state, please america, this is the future WE NEED.

  • Things are no longer uncertain

    At the time of the capital's formation, America was but a fledgling nation, with an uncertain path. However in this era we have developed into one of the dominant world superpowers, and our system has been tried and proven. There is no good reason to deny D.C. Statehood anymore, the citizens there deserve it as much as those of any other State- "No taxation without representation."

  • No just no

    We don't need anymore states, its dumb and pointless to add another state to our country. If we add another state then the flag would have to be changed. I'm pretty sure that no one wants a uneven number of stars on our flag. I'm know I'm right. We don't need anymore states.

  • District of Columbia

    It is called Washington D.C.. The DC standing for District of Columbia, it is called a district, because that it what it is. It shouldn’t even be receiving the small amount of electoral votes that they are. Districts are not states, period. It doesn’t need a say in laws, it is where the laws are made! Doing so, would make the law making bias.

  • No, but with conditions

    The intent of DC being a district is to prevent the capital from being in any particular state. However, residents of DC find themselves under the thumb of a Congress in which they have no representation--literal taxation without representation.

    One of the two should happen; I'd prefer the first.

    1- Treat DC as a state for representation in Congress, with one Representative and two Senators.

    2- Eliminate all federal taxes within DC.

  • No, the reason it was created!

    The reason it was created was so that there wasn't any outbreak from states about which state has more power. It shouldn't become a state. It's really pointless. Washington D.C abides all laws. The truth is that we don't need another state. It truly is pointless, and would just cause another problem for congress.

  • D.C. Not state

    Back when the district of columbia was made, it served as a meeting ground for all the important figures in government, not as a living area. Also, the large population in D.C. Is not correct, many people have reticency there but go back to the state they come from or represent. Also D.C. Has some representation because it has I representative in the house.

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