Washington in the Time of Anita Hill: Do women still face sexual discrimination in Washington, DC politics?

  • It happens everywhere

    Sexual discrimination of women is still happening everywhere. It does not depend if they are a congresswoman in Washington DC or a cashier at a local grocery store . It is unfair to believe that everything has changed just because someone has told us it has. There is still just as much discrimination now as there was thirty years ago.

  • Of course women experience discrimination and sexism in US politics even now.

    The simple fact that a very qualified woman, a cornerstone of American politics in the late 20th and early 21st century, lost the vote for president to an unqualified male reality show star is pure proof that sexism is alive and well in US politics. Still, even on a smaller scale, women are belittled, sexually harassed and objectified in the world of politics on a regular basis. They also are not paid equally to their male counterparts for jobs well-performed.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Although research does not support the suggestion that leadership effectiveness is different between the two sexes, this misperception remains. Gender biases that consider leadership qualities to be most closely related to male qualities obstinately persist in some organizational cultures and are difficult to overcome. Research consistently demonstrates that current society sees leadership traits as closely resembling those which are usually attributed to men

  • It is a boys club.

    Today, women still have it hard when it comes to Washington DC. They are never taken seriously and they are always accused of ulterior motives. Women are expected to sleep their way to the top because it is still a man's world. It's a shame that things haven't gotten better in the last 100 years.

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