Washington Lobbyists: Should Corporate America be allowed to lobby for special favors?

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  • No, lobbyists circumvent democracy incorrectly.

    The general public, if they want a certain law to be passed or repealed, usually has to recur to petitions or mass uprising if they want a change. On the other hand, lobbyists simply use large sums of money to gain favors from Congressmen, thus working around the democratic process that constituents have to rely on. Therefore, it is unfair that lobbyists receive special favors that the average citizen is unable to ask for.

  • Our system is corrupt.

    No, Corporate American should not be allowed to lobby for special favors, because crony capitalism is what people hate about a free market. If the market were truly free, Republicans and Democrats alike would not be able to become millionaires by lobbyinng Congress for protectionist policies and for lucrative government contracts. This is why people turn to socialism. It's so unfair.

  • No It Shouldn't

    Corporate America needs to remove themselves from the government. The government is suppose to be for the people, not their greediness. The people need their government back but it's obvious that won't happen unless we demand it. The money fronted by corporations to get their way is stupid and why we've allowed it so long is a mystery to me.

  • Force Stop for Washington Lobbyists

    Lobbyism, due to hundreds of cases of illegal practises, fraud and blackmail, has gained bad reputation and should be discontinued. Large Corporate America possess enough tools to navigate the markets and the political will through diversified methods, the biggest one may be the elections donations. So force stop Washington lobbyists, let the market be ruled by the demand and supply and decrease the large corporations influences on the politicians.

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