Washington Navy Yard shooting: Are mass shootings becoming the new normal?

  • Almost Monthly Occurrences

    Mass shootings are almost monthly occurrences in the United States. The truly horrific ones are about once a year until 2012. In July 2012, several people were gunned down in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. In mid-December 2012, 20 elementary school kids were killed by a lone shooter in Connecticut. The Washington Navy Yard shooting was just another domino in the collapse of firearms control and the psychos who want to kill a lot of people for no good reason except for the fact they are insane.

  • No, mass shootings are not becoming the new normal.

    No, mass shootings are not becoming the new normal. What is becoming the new normal is dosing people with powerful psychotropic drugs that have not been adequately studied or tested. Every mass shooter in recent history has been on some type of psychiatric medication. Media sensationalism also cannot be overlooked.

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