Washington Post and Amazon further linked: Can online integration save the newspaper industry?

  • Yes - No need to search

    I thin the newspaper industry pre-installing apps on manufacturers devices can save the newspaper industry. I have an HTC handset which came installed with a Sky News app, this has now become my news app of choice. Had it not have been pre-installed I would not have tried it. Being used by so many people online, means I am more likely to purchase the paper if I needed a read.

  • There will always be news.

    News will never die. News reporters need to understand that the way we report that news has to change. People want news on demand. They want it on their phones. Advertisers will still pay to reach these people in these places. If newspapers can adjust to meet people on their own terms, newspapers will survive.

  • No, online integration can't save the newspaper industry.

    Traditional, paper journalism is facing a dilemma in the age of the internet. Many of these elder institutions are attempting to escape financial ruin by adopting the practices of the news blogs. This is terrible for investigative journalism. There is great journalism being done by many blogs but the majority of it is fluff.

  • No the newspaper isdustry cannot be save by ongoing operations.

    No the newspaper industry cannot be saved by online integration. For newspapers to survive they are going to have to offer their product across many media formats that allow the reader to pick and choose how and they access the information that is being offered. Today's reader wants to be able to view the product on their iPad and then used their smartphone to clip the eletronic coupons offed.

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