• Its for safety

    No one wants to hear a tragic news story where a school bus crashed because they could not see the road because of snow. And DO NOT say its hard on parents. I would hope the parents would care more about their child's safety over the fact that they did not have a back up plan for childcare in case of emergency. And school is not a daycare center to send your kids to. It is to educate them about the world, and so they know that snow days are necessary to protect kids.

  • It is for safety

    Different amounts of snow affect different areas of the country in different ways, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't close schools when it's dangerous. Education is important but it isn't worth risking the lives of children, teachers, bus drivers and everyone else on the road to get kids to school.

  • Snow days are necessary.

    If it is dangerous for children to come in to school, for fear of accidents and children getting hurt, then a snow day should absolutely be issued. While it can be a problem for working parents, it is not right to endanger children by keeping schools open when there is an obvious hazard. Perhaps snow days should also be available for parents who work and employers should issue them too.

  • We have to think of safety

    Of course we should have snow days as needed. Requiring the kids to come to school in the middle of a snowstorm or blizzard is just ridiculous. Why should we put kids and parents alike at risk when they can easily just stay home and make the day up later on?

  • They are hard on parents.

    Schools think that when the school closes down, children can just stay at home with a parent that doesn't work. That is not the case for nearly all kids today. All the school closures do is create a hassle for parents who have to scramble to make arrangements for child care for their children.

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