Watch Live: President Trump's Inaugural Address. Will very many people watch the Inauguration?

  • Yes, people will watch the Inauguration.

    Yes, people will watch the Inauguration. Those who support Trump may watch more eagerly than others, but everyone will want to watch. Some people will watch to see if Trump will fail or if the protesters will make a scene. Others will watch simply because it is a moment in history and they want to take part.

  • Many people will watch the Inauguration

    Many people will watch the Inauguration of President Trump. This is such a rare and historical event that many people will drop everything they are doing to witness it. Of course, I am certain that the press will report it as having been poorly watched and attended. It will do everything in its power to make Trump look bad.

  • It is historic.

    President Trump is first President to not have any military or political experience. It's also the first time American has gone out on a limb and elected a reality start to be the President of the United States. People want to know what he has to say on his first day in office.

  • Yes, many will watch it.

    Many Americans and people from around the world will watch President Trump's inauguration. The election of Donald Trump was unprecedented. This alone makes many want to watch his inauguration. Trump never disappoints with giving speeches. His inaugural address will not disappoint either. Therefore, many will certainly watch the inauguration. today.

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