Watchdog asserts Clinton's email was against the Rules: Was Clinton in the wrong?

  • Rules are rules- Across the board

    If she broke the rules, she was in the wrong. Period. End of story. Just like a kid that gets caught with their hand in the cookie jar, there needs to be some type of punishment for breaking the rules. Clinton is not above the law. She is not allowed to pick and choose which rules she can obey and which she can't. If she was wrong, then she was wrong. Grow a set and accept responsibility!

  • Clinton was wrong in the email scandal.

    Since Watchdog has come out and openly said that Clinton was not following rules set in place, I hope that it gets everyone's attention. The rules for her internet and email use are set in stone, and are for very valid reasons. I believe she is wrong for any dealings that she had which caused her emails to be mishandled.

  • Yes, Clinton was wrong.

    There have been multiple reports that showed that Clinton was asked and instructed, multiple times, that she should use the State Department's email servers, according to regulations, but she still insisted on using her own private server. What she did may not be entirely illegal, but it was still wrong for her to set up her own private email server.

  • Clinton is wrong in the email scandal

    Clinton is wrong in the email scandal. And make no mistake about it, she knew and knows that she is lying through her large white teeth about it. Meanwhile, a ready, able and willing press is all but too happy to cover for her and report on such important national issues as Trump raising millions for vets.

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