Water fluoridation: Should communities add fluoride to public water supplies?

  • Yes they should.

    Yes, communities should absolutely add fluoride to public water supplies. Communities that have already added fluoride to their public water show a significant improvement to their communities dental hygiene. There has been no conclusive studies showing any ill effect of adding fluoride, but there are a plenty of positive effects.

  • Keep Teeth Healthy

    Adding fluoride to public water helps to keep people's teeth healthy. If the fluoride is added at levels which have no negative side effects on the population, and the net result is unquestionably healthier teeth, communities should be able to decide for themselves whether to implement that particular public health method.

  • Would swallowing sun tan lotion prevent sunburn? If so, would we add it to our drinking water supply to prevent everyone from getting a sunburn?

    Why is fluoride added to water supplies in almost every community in the United States? Does it really benefit our dental health, or is there something else that's driving the decades old practice? Pharmaceutical grade fluoride, in small amounts, is shown to reduce the risk of cavities when applied topically to the teeth, but not ingested. Additionally, tooth decay has declined almost uniformly across the globe, regardless of whether or not fluoride was being ingested. Fluoride, in the right concentration, can help to prevent cavities.However, the vast improvement in dental health we have seen sin the inception of artificial water fluoridation should not be credited to this practice, but rather to better eating habits, better brushing habits, and advancements in other aspects of dental health. The bottom line is that most of the fluoride that is found in our public water supplies is not natural, and is most likely a byproduct of phosphate fertilizer production. This, and many other forms of fluoride, are literally poisons, and treated as toxic waste up until the point that they are added to our drinking water. I would encourage anyone who is curious to research the potential benefits of water fluoridation, and compare them to the potential adverse health effects. What you find might surprise you.

  • Keep Teeth Healthy? More like the opposite

    Fluoride actually is a poison. It has been classified as a hazardous waste, and water fluoridation has, by the ADA and countless private firms, been proven unhelpful at preventing tooth decay. It was even used in German Concentration camps for infertility and calm compliance. No level is free of side effects. This is simply a veil over our eyes.

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