• Water by it's self is not wet.

    This is because the definition of something being wet is basically when a liquid is on it. So to me, A single liquid water molecule isn't wet because another liquid isn't touching it.
    If you were to give me a glass of water and ask if the water inside is wet, Then the answer is yes because the liquid water molecules make each other wet.
    But if you were to give me ice and ask if it's wet, Unless there is a liquid on the ice, I'd say no because it's a solid. In this case the water molecules don't make each other wet because they're in a solid form.

  • Water is not wet

    Being a liquid, Water is not itself wet, But can make other solid materials wet. Wetness is the ability of a liquid to adhere to the surface of a solid, So when we say that something is wet, We mean that the liquid is sticking to the surface of a material.

  • Water is not wet

    Wet is water wet is water wet is water wet is water wet is water wet is water wet is water wet is water wet is water wet is water wet is water wet is water wet is water wet is water wet is water wet is water wet is water wet is water

  • Water is not wet

    Water is a liquid that can cause wetness but cannot be wet itself. When something is wet it describes an object, Person, Animal, Etc. That is not naturally saturated. Wetness is conditional meaning that over a period of time it can go back to its original state. Water in its usual state is the same unless acted upon. Water in its natural state is what it can cause. A water bottle is designed to contain water and though this is the purpose naturally it is not a liquid and therefore is in a constant state of wetness. Saturated soil at room temperature will revert back to its original state as water evaporates from the compound the length of time it takes of course depends on the soil composition and its ability to retain water. Of course these example themselves include many basic assumptions but I hope without extreme arguments we can come to the same understanding. I feel that people think water is wet because it can cause wetness and people deduce that since causes wetness so it is wet itself. Water isn't wet like fire isn't on fire. These two elements can cause conditions but not be the condition caused.

    Posted by: TKM
  • Wet is the feeling of water

    If you were to submerge your hand underwater, Would it be considered "wet"? No, Not until it is pulled out. "Wet" is the feeling of water left onto an object. Water cannot be wet, But the object it's on is, Unless, Of course, It is water. Some people just need some common sense.

  • Water is not wet.

    Don't be stupid. Water is not wet. To be wet, You need to be saturated in water. Water is not saturated in water. A towel can be wet because it is filled with water. Water can not be filled with water. Water is not wet that is the end of this discussion.

  • Why would you ask if water wet

    I said no because water is wet then there no water no water no wet no wet no fun no fun sad life if their sad life there sad people sad people is dying because they have no water because it not wet if not wet no drinking no drinking kid are dying kid are dying live is gone

  • It is not dry

    If water is not wet, Then I suppose the only other conclusion is that water is dry. I don't think anyone would ever agree that water is dry. The very definition of "dry" is "not wet: not wet, Or no longer wet" according to Microsoft Encarta 2009. Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary (3rd Edition) also defines "dry" as "describes something that has no water or other liquid in, On, Or around it ". Water DOES have water, In on and around it, So, It's definitely not dry. Thus, It's wet.

  • Water is wet

    Water is drink able and something that makes you wet is wet. I say so so im right. All liquids are wet and flow so water is a liquid and flows so its wet. So so so sos os os sos os so sos os os kos ksos kmls kls

  • Then what is?

    Water itself makes things wet yes but doesnt that mean water can make other water wet to? If water makes like my cloths wet what if qater had cloths then it could make itself wet its like saying is humans alive the same thing as if water is wet or not

  • Water is wet.

    Water is in fact wet. If it is not wet then it is dry and thinking water is dry just seems wrong. Something must be wet to make something else wet. The definition of wet does in fact say covered in or saturated in a liquid substance but you must really think about the fact that something is either wet or dry.

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