• Everyone Should Have Access To Water

    Water is a necessity for life, it is essential to our bodies. People can not live without water and because of that, it is a bad idea to privatize water. Water is a basic human right that any and all individuals should have access to for hydration, cooking, and cleaning.

  • Water is a right.

    Water is a basic need, and shouldn't be something we have to ask for. It's something the body needs, and will always need to function. We also use it bathe, and do other many things. Water is available free in the earth through streams and other bodies of water. So why should we be given away a right that's been with man for thousands of years.

  • We should not pay for water

    Water should not be free because we take it for granted every day because we do not pay for it. If we pay for it we would savour it more.
    You may say that it is natural .Other things such as diamonds and gold
    are free but do we pay for them? You may also say that we own the water that goes into our taps but we don't .As soon as the water hits the processing plants the governmount.

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