• Blatant form of torture.

    It mimics a sense of drowning. It can stimulate lung damage, bone ossification and other temporary and permanent deficiencies. They often restrain the victims physically by applying a cloth on the victim and pouring water on the victim. The victim is also suspended on a reclined plane while he or she is pinned down onto the board.

  • Waterboarding is torture

    Waterboarding is torture. This is because of the fact that waterboarding is often torturous to the person being waterboarded. Waterboarding can cause extreme pain, and promotes the sensation of being drowned. This is a terrible thing to experience and is torture for this reason. Waterboarding can also cause permanent damage to the brain and lungs.

  • I think that waterboarding is definitely torture.

    I think that waterboarding is
    definitely torture. Let the people who
    say that waterboarding is not torture volunteer to be waterboarded for a few
    hours. A lot of people don’t even know what
    waterboarding really is. Waterboarding
    is simulated drowning. It can kill
    you. It is a war crime that should be

  • Yes it is

    Of course waterboarding is torture, it's an act of drowning. It is not an interrogation technique so much as it is a violent, cruel act of punishment inflicted on another human being. And as an act of torture, all it's going to do is either disorient or radicalize the prisoner being waterboarded. It's not a way to get information, it's an act of cold-blooded vengeance.

  • Nearly Drowning People is Torture

    When you bring someone close to the point of drowning just to extract information, that's torture. Nearly drowning a suspect doesn't solve anything nor does it produce information. Torture victims could give false information just to get the torture to stop. Waterboarding is torture in that the human body can't have water in the lungs.

  • Waterboarding Equals Torture

    Waterboarding, which simulates drowning, is absolutely a form of torture. Anyone that says anything to the contrary is ignorant and misguided at best. Waterboarding can have lasting traumatic effects upon its victims, which is the main reason it's considered torture. Horror stories are available from people that have undergone this procedure.

  • Yes, of course it is

    Waterboarding might not physically maim somebody but it's still a psychological weapon, and psychological torture is a very real thing. I don't think I'd be able to understand an argument that said waterboarding was anything but torture, even if you support the procedure I don't see hwo you can call it something else.

  • Waterboarding is torture because of the feelings it induces

    Waterboarding makes the person feel like their drowning. So, even if they're not drowning, they feel like they are, which is a horrible feeling that meets the definition of torture. Waterboarding was found by various intelligence agency Congressional panels to constitute torture, and it has since been banned by the Obama Administration.

  • I dont hink it is tourture!

    I mean yes it i dangerous but i mean think about it you are going out to the lake and you want to waterboard do you really think your going to drown?! No! You have safety equipment and lessons so people who don't know how to waterboard can learn take it from me i never got hurt when i first tried it i am perfectly fine!

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