Wave power: Can wave power supply significant quantities of energy?

  • Wave of the future?

    In a world where climate change is a serious threat and countries are energy dependent on one another for their own energy survival, being able to harness all types of alternative energies is something we should all harnessing. If we can create energy through wave currents, and be able to do it in an affordable and efficient way, then we should invest in the technology and try to become as energy independent as possible.

  • Wave Power as Green Energy

    Wave power offers a potential source of energy and a green solution to increasing demands for energy. This method of harnessing of the ocean's power uses nature's kinetic energy to provide a much-needed alternative to coal, natural gas, and nuclear energy. Because the ocean never completely rests, the source is potentially constantly available. Utilizing this source of energy can help to reduce man's dependence on fossil fuels worldwide.

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