Wave power: Is wave power important in fighting global warming?

  • Waves, Like Wind, Can Generate Electricity

    Wave power should be part of the overall solution for clean electrical generation as it helps reduce carbon emissions and fights global warming. Wave turbines, just like wind turbines, should not interfere with animal life in the oceans in order to make the process viable. Any clean energy sources can help and wave power should be part of the answer.

  • Yes, wave power creates energy.

    Waves occur naturally and when that power is collected, we amass energy. Any sources of the usual natural energy can bring down the use and reliance of fossil fuels which are known to cause global warming in part. Drilling for oil requires the use of oil and emits carbon which is a known factor in global warming. Nuclear power emits radiation. Any so-called healthy energy such as that from water, sun and wind can be so simple. Sometimes it merely uses wheels and levers, the classic mechanics that do not harm the earth. We need to look to these resources and curb global warming as fast as possible.

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