Wax bullets were yesterday's paint balls: Are wax bullets better for play fights than paint balls?

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  • Wax bullets better are not better for play fights than paint balls

    Wax bullets better are not for play fights than paint balls. The whole reason for paint balls is they leave a distinctive mark where the victim has been hit. Wax bullets leave no such mark. There is no arguing with the fact that a paint bullet is THE bullet of choice.

  • They can hurt more

    I don't think so. Wax bullets can travel at a higher velocity and are harder than paintballs, so I think they're not as good for play fights. If you get hit in a sensitive area- like the face or neck, a wax bullet is likely to hurt more and cause more damage than a paintball.

  • They aren't colorful.

    No, wax bullets are not better than paint balls for play fighting, because paint balls are colorful. With a paint ball, you know if you hit someone and you can see what you hit. They only hurt a little bit. Wax bullets also work with minimal damage, but it isn't as easy to see the carnage.

  • Wax bullets are good for competitions, not PvP games.

    Paint ball is an increasingly common and enjoyable sport. However, paint balls are known to cause bruising on impact. Wax bullets, their precursors, are even worse. They can cause bruising, fractures, and other serious injuries. Wax bullets should not be used for "play fights"; they are better suited for target practice and competitions that do not include shooting another person with them.

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