We all have a moral duty to help support refugees from other countries

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  • Refugees are not a dangerous threat to country

    Some arguments state that refugees are unsafe to be brought into country. However it is the fact that the refugees are vetted both by the federal government and the UN in a process that takes 18-24 months before they are admitted. As a result of this, refugees are statistically extremely safe. Since the September 11 attack, the US has accepted 745,000 refugees from around the world. Zero of these refugees have been arrested on domestic terrorism charges. Therefore refugees will not necessarily pose any extra threat to the country.

  • It is easy to help and the help is big

    Most countries in Europe have the ability to help as many are highly developed countries. When giving help is easy, helping becomes a duty considering how much danger the refugees would have if countries do not accept them. There might be considerations that some terrorists might pretend to be refugees. However, facts show that the security system is advanced and with rigorous regulation such danger can be avoided. Without worries, moral issues should we fully considered. I believe that everyone should help each other and refugees should be helped too: It is a behavior proving we are truly moral.

  • We must focus on the TOPIC

    The terminology 'refugee' refers to the people who have been forced to leave their homes or their country, either because there is a war there, because of their political or religious beliefs, or because of natural disaster. Therefore the terrorist cannot be called 'refugee' and we are not discussing about it in this particular topic. Of course we all strongly disagree to support the terrorists, but the refugees are innocent.

  • Taking in refugees will lead to economic growth.

    We should take in a certain number of refugees. It will lead to economic growth in the economy apart from just moral duty. As more labour force come into a country, it will stimulate the economy to grow in a certain extent. Some refugees are actually skillful. For example, Avni, aged 38, can provide university level online learning to refugees and others in local languages. Welcoming more skilled workers will help the economy to improve.

  • If you help others they will help you back.

    These days there have more and more refugees because of lots of problems. If we don't help them they will be die which means that there are going to die lots of innocent people. Helping refugee is a good thing for many point. For example you can let do jobs it could save plenty of manpower. Helping refugees the will help you back. As you know there has lots of jewish flied to USA during the WWII and people in America are all glad to help them. Day pass day now there still has lots of jewish living in America they work there and have family there. America also gets plenty of benefits for helping them. Maybe you could be a refugee in one day would you like others helping you or just thrust aside. So helping them it won't cost you a lots and you be returned

  • As human-beings, we ought to have compassions towards the refugees from not only our own country but also the world.

    We live in the same world with the poor, and we are sharing the same resources. As human beings, we should definitely help the ones who are suffering. For example, there are a large number of refugees fleeing from the war, poverty, starvation from places such as Iraq and Syria, where people do not even have a stable life, to places within the Europe countries, where the standard of living is much higher, where the refugees can be saved, where water, food, clothing and shelters can be provided to the refugees who have none of these and who are literally dead. When this immigration happens, as host countries, they should accept these poor refugees with their moral duty. They should never shut them away, and if they do so, they are causing more misfortunes and deaths even. We would not want this to happen. It is extremely important that we are helping and supporting the refugees in this world.

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  • We all have the moral duty to aids refugees

    In my perspective, we all have a rightful life, that includes the refugees; according to google, approximately 210,060 of people have died in the civil war and nearly half of them were citizens, this forces more than 4 million of refugees to leave the country because nobody want to live in a city, which they aren't even sure they are going to live to see the next day. Refugees are humans, too, they want a normal life just like us, to that extend we should help them out by letting them into our countries.

  • The moral considerations have to do with a sense of humanity in helping out fellow human beings who are in dire need;

    It is everyone's moral duty to maintain peace on a humanitarian level and to ensure everyone is in peace and harmony as well as meeting the basic necessities of life such as water and food. There were 19.5 million refugees worldwide at the end of 2014 and 51% of refugees were under 18 years old! We are all the same species, living on the same planet, why watch one and other fail and suffer when we can support others to improve our society as a whole? It's as if watching your friends and family fail and suffer when you know that you can do something to help. It simply puts you into a sense of selfishness and betrayal.

  • Refugees are fleeing persecution

    Refugees are fleeing persecution in their own country. The actions of terrorist groups like ISIS are truly horrific. ISIS torture, kill, and behead any one who disagrees with their extremist views. As human beings we should help refugees who are fleeing such terrible acts. Can you imagine if ISIS was beheading your friends or family? Wouldn't you want the international community to help you?

  • I wouldn't really call it a moral duty, but it actually is a good idea.

    Terrorist groups like ISIS want refugees to stay in their home country so that they can continue to be oppressed. I've also heard that some are used as human shields as well.
    It just makes sense to take them in, even if we only take in a small amount at a time. If people are really paranoid about them all being terrorists they really shouldn't, at least in America. On a regular basis we are paranoid with regular plane travel, so I doubt that any terrorists will get in any time soon (also terrorists can be American, don't discriminate.)
    We should probably help these people.

  • We can not afford the cost!

    The refugees are poor but the people in the countries are more poor than the refugees, because this is the country's duty not us. Basically there are lots of countries in the world still need others support. There people already stay in a harmful circumstances. Who will pay for them?According to the news, some of people live in the" the poorest countries in the world" of top 10. The people who live in that country only make 200 dollars per year. Some of them only get 80 dollars per year. If they still help the refugees, it will be a horrible disaster to them.

  • This may threaten the national security!!!

    We shouldn't support refugees, because there is a risk that some of the terrorists such as ISIS may be disguised as refugees. This threatens the national security of a country, as the terrorists may attack the citizens and the whole country would be in tension! It is believed by the public that the terrorist attack in Paris several days before might be caused by the terrorists hidden in the refugees. Therefore, in order to ensure the national security, we shouldn't support the refugees.

  • Increasing social problems

    This could lead to more crime rates discrimination and segregation due to the fact that cultural difference does exist. In addition, local residents will fear that their countries would be dominated by people form other countries, therefore, people often have violent reaction to each other. This creates a large amount of unsatisfied people who will complain the country and government.

  • The civil citizens should have priority of receiving the aid.

    "We can not assist others until we are able to take care of ourselves". Majority of the countries have a large number of poor people who need help within the countries, especially China. According to a research, 7% of the citizens in China live in poverty, which are about 100 million people. Leaving the civil poors aside and spending most of the fund on other people is definitely not a intelligent strategy.

  • Security and Scarcity issues will be raised.

    Firstly, the refugees pose a security risk to western societies that justifies rejecting them. The open in border in Euro zone is directly related to the terrorist attack which happened in Paris few weeks ago. Secondly, the refugees will consume resources that are already in short supply(e.G. Money, housing, etc.), and that justifies rejecting them. The inflation rate in Euro Area in November 2015 already reached 0.1%, and if more demand is added, there will be a short of supply and further increase in inflation rate.

  • The countries which help refugees would be in danger with higher possibility due to the entrance of Refugees.

    This means that ISIS terrorist can pretend they are refugees and go to developed countries in order to create chaos as there is no way to actually identify who is a real refugee. Moreover, what if refugees join ISIS, that would cause lots of serious problems to the countries that accept refugees which is unfair for the citizens etc.

  • Dilution of local culture.

    A huge number of refugees fleeing into Europe will dilute its local culture, since most of the refugees are from Arabic countries and believe in Islam, therefore the cultural context is very different from the European circumstances. It will bring culture Shock to both refugees and the receivers, and if the two very different culture couldn't get alone well, it would cause disastrous results, for example religious war and slaughter.

  • Not duty but sympathy

    It is not a duty to help support refugees, because people do not have to or be forced to do. This is people's own choices whether we are benevolent or not, if we feel refugees are poor, we can help them and afford accommodation and medication and if we do not, there is no fault. And in my opinion,wee should save refugees in the same country with us first instead of from other countries.

  • Lack of evidence

    Currently there is no method available to us to investigate the veracity of either of the claims that a) there are 'duties' that exist in the absence of legal obligation and b) that such a duty would apply here. For lack of evidence to the contrary, I must conclude in the negative.

  • The refugee might be threaten to public

    The reggae usually come from undeveloped country, there have a chance that they might come with disease. If we let them in, we will increase the probability of our own citizens to get infecting. Our government's first priority is to keep our own citizens safety. So we didn't have a moral duty to help support refugees from other countries.

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Dilara says2015-12-08T02:25:05.157
Yes but not to the extent where it harms us. Many European countries are having dramatic crime increases and other problems because their countries are allowing too many immigrants to come in.