We all start out equally deserving yet some are tortured and some are rewarded. This mean god is unfair or doesnt care about us?

Asked by: steffon66
  • God cant care about us if he is all powerful and some of us suffer when some us are extremely happy

    If god is all powerful he could use his magic to make everybody happy as they deserve to be. We are new to this world when we are babies and havent had a chance to do anything wrong. And some babies are raped with knifes or beaten til they have to live on life support pretty much brain dead. You think god is good just because "he" has been good to you. But what about everyone else? Yea maybe most are happy and you think thats enough because you couldnt do better so you dont expect god to be able to do any better. Have you forgotten you said he is all powerful? That means he could do much much better. F you and f your ever changing gods!

  • Babies are still too young

    Yes we have free will when we are older, but i have read articles on how children are left helpless or abused or even used as a weapon, what do you think a child so young could have done to deserve this, their brains aren't even fully developed. If you say they die at childhood then whats the point of their birth?

  • God cares about and loves all of us

    God gave man free will, that is why some men are sick and perverted and mistreat others even if the others have done nothing wrong. God still loves all of us and cares that is why miracles happen and the bad people in the world will go to Hell in the end and the good believers will go to heaven where their lives will be perfect even if they had crappy, terrible lives on Earth. I also believe all children are innocent and those that die in childhood will go to heaven as well.

  • God is going to intervene soon.

    And when he does, the show will be over, and this evil-stained world will be history. For now, he respects the free will of the humans he created, even though it angers and saddens him when they use it not to love him and others but to harm each other. God knows that the world is unfair right now. It grieves him, which is why he won't let it go on much longer.

    Also, he loves us all, but none of us deserve happiness. (What's really unfair is that God continues to let the rain fall on us and the sun shine on us!) We are all equally deserving of death, because we sin against God. In the end, when he gives people what they deserve, it will not be good. If he hadn't come down to die in the place of those who accept his sacrifice, we would ALL be punished in the end.

    Finally, here's a psalm about evil people who seem to have a good life on earth:


  • God loves all

    I agree completely with Brycycle. God did not want us to live lives where we would be under His control. He wanted us to make the conscious choice to love Him as He loves us. That is why he established free will. Unfortunately, there are way too many people out there who are more than willing to make the wrong choices. And those wrong choices have terrible and sickening effects, but that is not God's fault.

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