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We already grow enough food for 10 billion people — and still can’t end hunger. Is this surplus food being wasted?

  • Yes most definitely

    All this food is being wasted on meat, mountains of food is spent to have animals grow fat so we can eat them it's ridiculous, producing even jsut a steak takes a 100 gallons of water, the amount of food and water being wasted on meat is ridiculous and should STOP.


    look at that, if we would stop force breeding livestock into existence we could use the food we used for them to feed 800 millions people.

    So yes the food and water are being wasted, wasted on livestock, fact of the matter is if everybody stopped eating meat we would be so much closer to stopping world hunger

  • Americans waste so much food, it is absurd.

    Living in an agricultural part of the country, I see how much food is grown by farmers that is simply left to rot. Not to mention how much food Americans waste in general. Letting food go bad in our homes and then just tossing it out without a thought. Restaurants are notorious for food waste, buffets in particular. Whatever is not sold at the end of the night is thrown out. I can't count the number of people at buffets who fill up their plate, take a bite or two, push the plate aside, and go back for more. Grocery stores are also culprits in this. They throw out huge amounts of food near or past their "sell by" date.
    In every single one of these situations, effort could be made to make this "unusuable" food available to people who can't afford to eat. Obviously, so many people in this country have never missed a meal and can't appreciate those who have. I have known people going hungry, personally, and it sickens me that we have such little regard for the matter; and the fact that it could be resolved so easily.

  • Corrupt governments take it.

    It's very hard to get the food to people who need it. The problem is that people who run these corrupt countries take the food before it ever gets to the people. They use it to feed the military. Alternatively, they sell it so that they can buy more food for the military.

  • Food surpluses are being wasted

    Food surpluses are clearly being wasted if we have enough food for 10 billion people. Had it occurred to anyone that there are just some places where food is not needed? Food must not be making its way to where it is needed the most. So, there must be some level of corruption going on.

  • Yes, the surplus of food is being wasted

    The amount of food that is grown and available for consumption should be adequate to help the world population from hunger. But the distribution of food and water is the key to ending hunger. The amount of food that is wasted or thrown away is a crime. We have to do a better job at the local level and globally to share our resources.

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