We Are All Born Atheists as Babies Lack Belief In God(s):

Asked by: Sagey
  • What reason is there to believe otherwise?

    People speak of "spirituality" but fail to provide a unifying definition.
    People speak of the "soul" of which we cannot prove.
    People speak of a connection with beings we cannot ensure the existence of.

    We CAN look at the brain in development.
    We can reasonably make the claim that you cannot understand something until you're both capable of learning and retaining the information.

    We can safely assume that there's just as much chance as a newborn inherently understanding a god as there is in him or her understanding the geography of a foreign country.

  • Tacos tacos tacos

    God doesn't exist, it has been proven that religion is a man made thing. Christianity has shown to have many pagan elements added in to it. That is why babies are born atheist because there is no god or heaven or hell. Believe the truth you Christians for the truth will liberate your mind from the suppression of the church.

  • Babies Are Not Born With Knowledge Nor Belief In God, Thus They Are Atheists:

    Atheist is defined as: "a person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God or gods." from the Google Online Dictionary, and it matches other dictionaries and Encyclopedias.
    Some Naive Clowns think Lack Of Belief is Agnosticism: WRONG: DERRRR! :-P.
    Agnostic is Defined as Having Skepticism Concerning God(s).
    In other words and in the words of the Oxford Dictionary: "A person who believes that nothing can be known of God, and only has belief in material things." So an Agnostic is truly a Skeptic who knows about belief in God and another synonym for an Agnostic is a Materialist.

    Thus babies cannot be Agnostic, because this requires knowledge of belief in God, so babies can only be Atheists.
    By Definition: A Lack of Belief In God = Atheist.

  • Religion is abstract

    Babies cannot perform such abstract thinking. Babies not only "lack belief in God(s)," but they also do not know what God is. They simply cannot understand the concept of a higher being. Children, under the influence of another, learn and accept the concept of a religion. This is why feral children (children not raised by humans) do not believe in God.

  • This is a fact, not opinion

    By definition, babies cannot be religious. Atheism is the absence of religion. Religion supposes conscious thought, of which newborns are incapable. Thus all babies are atheists. I do not understand how people could possible chose the "no" option, as it is inherently false. Anyone who understands the proper definitions of "baby", "religion" and "atheism" has no choice but to agree.

  • Religion is proven to be a man-made idea

    Religion was proven by anthropologists to be, though archaic, a recent creation. We haven't yet seen any signs of worship older than 10,000 B.C.E, and the most recent form of evolution from our predecessors dates back much further. To say that atheism is a choice rather than a pre-determined belief would be perverse.

    If the baby had, in fact, had a belief of a deity or deities built in, it would've shown in the older versions of mankind.

  • Of course we are.

    People do not come out of the womb saying, "FATHER, Lord of earth and heaven, Spare, or take what thou hast given; Sole disposer of...". It is just not something babies do. Why? Because we have no knowledge. Of course, we end up to continue lacking common sense because we gain a belief in God, but still... We are all born Atheists.

  • Potential of occurrence is not occurrence.

    It might be argued that instead of being atheist, they are agnostic or another title that represents an absence of spiritual knowledge.

    It is an inevitability that beliefs of rather there is or is not a god will form later on in the life of a child, but before they come to an age in which it is possible to accept belief, they are absent in religious values and the idea of god. Having the potential to believe does not validate belief or give it any sort of sign of current belief, and as this debate states, we are born atheist regardless of how we are raised.

    It does make me think though, in the event that people are born religious, are they all born with values that just happen to correlate with what their parents plan? After all, who is to say every baby is not born Jewish or Muslim.

  • You cannot know what you have not been taught

    Surely a baby must be an atheist (no belief in god or gods), for they have not been taught about gods and religion, a baby doesn't know how to read or speak English or Arabic or Irish, they are taught these things whether directly or indirectly from their surroundings, they are not born with them.

  • All religions are an opinion

    No person and no religion can provide proof that their religion is true and that all other religions are false other than their self-righteous, ignorant holy documents. So babies are often taught the religion of their parents and told "this is true" and the babies grow up taking what they were taught for granted.

  • We are all born with the potential for faith

    Human beings have an innate need to search for God, this is inborn and not learned. We all year for spirituality. Most young children take to belief in God so naturally.

    I really don't think they are born athiest. I think people become that way based on their life situations.

  • Atheism is the result of a choice

    When confronting a single claim of a particular deity you are either to accept the claim is true or not.

    If the claim cannot be known, you are thinking agnostic and you either will take this claim on the basis of faith (Agnostic theist) or not take the claim on faith (agnostic atheist).

    If the claim can be known, then you are thinking Gnostic and you either know the claim is true (Gnostic theism) or know the claim is false (agnostic atheist)

    If you present the claim to anything that cannot know the concept of a deity then you cannot put it into a group.

    Babies cannot know the concept of deities therefore they are not this type of atheist.

    "This Type" is referred to the very definition of "What is an Atheist".

    One type could be the definition I have described above, however another definition would be "One that has no belief in a deity".

    So a baby could be an atheist because it does not hold a belief.

    But this kind of "Atheism" I do not agree with, Anyone care to add to this?

  • This is false on two counts.

    One, scientific studies suggest that we are hardwired for belief. Second, the fields of archaeology and anthropology make it clear that religious belief is so ubiquitous throughout humanity that the most reasonable explanation for it is that religious belief is innate. I would also like to point out that the definition being used for atheist here is bogus.

  • I really wish you had put "agnostic" instead of "atheist"

    An atheist would be someone who is certain that God does not exist, who has totally rejected all arguments from God and uphold that His existence is neither proven nor necessary. I think the correct term would be "agnostic atheist". Seeing as how they don't reject God, but they also don't know about a belief in God as Sagey pointed out. So therefore, they cannot reject a belief in God since they know nothing about religion.

  • Babies don't have an opinion.

    They're babies. They don't believe in god, but they also don't not believe in god. They have no concept one way or another. A baby doesn't have republican views just because it's not democratic. It doesn't have political views at all. It's a freaking baby. They don't have opinions. At all.

  • We are born agnostic

    It is nearly right. I believe we are born agnostic. They are born atheist because they do not even at all understand that theory. They are born agnostic because they are undiecided. They are not completly sure what is the correct belief because they are unable to think for themselves at this age.

    I know we lack belief in God(s) but they also lack understanding of the atheism theory so they are undiecided and agnostic.

  • Babies don't know

    Babies are... Well.... Babies. To be an atheist is to claim that there is no God. Yes i do agree that babies don't automatically know there is a god, but they also do not believe that there is no god. Babies can't give an opinion on whether or not God exists, so no they are not atheists.

  • We all made by a man a women and God

    If God made us (including the Atheist) Christianity is the first thing we know. We are all raised into a religion and have the power to change into a new one or none when we find out what we do on Sunday mornings. We are all Children of god and he made us from the start

  • This is nonsense!

    To be an atheist one needs be aware of the issues and make a conscious decision that God doesn't exist. Babies are too new to make this kind of decision. There are no born atheists, and to claim otherwise is to rationalize and rig the results. How unscientific is this!

  • It is impossible to born without a belief in God

    To the level that you are aware of your own existence you are aware of the existence of the triune God. To say that someone is born with a lack of belief presumes that belief in God is something arrived at. But belief in God is actually a proper function of who we are. Even those who are living in rebellion and suppress the truth of God know he exists.

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Sagey says2014-03-14T08:59:29.727
Yes, I'm still a child of the Universe, with my childish wonderment for everything and my childhood Atheism still intact! XD~
Sagey says2014-03-14T09:01:32.637
Almost lost my childhood atheism in my teens when I started studying theology and the bible, but science books, Voltaire and encyclopedias brought it back again. I'll always be thankful to encyclopedias and science for that!
Yarron says2014-03-14T15:45:24.353
The problem here is really simply a case of clarifying your definitions. There is 'gnostic atheism' and 'agnostic atheism'. A gnostic atheist believes there is no G-d. An agnostic atheist simply lacks the belief in G-d. A baby is an 'agnostic atheist' because it simply doesn't have the ability to believe. A rock is also an 'agnostic atheist' because it lacks the capacity to believe. However a baby is most certainly not a 'gnostic atheist' (since gnostic atheism requires the ability to believe). This isn't a question of opinion, it's a question of factual definitions. Therefore there really is no argument here, just an assertion that is not clearly defined.
Sagey says2014-03-14T21:35:54.800
I Have News for all those in The NO! Column: You are Dumber Than Doggy Doo and Cannot Read An Encyclopedia Nor a Dictionary!!!
I have given you the Dictionary Definition of Atheist: Lack Of Belief (which also means Lack Of Knowledge) of God(s) equates to Atheist.
Shows the poor state of the Education of those in the No! Column.
Sagey says2014-03-14T22:01:24.957
What I've Stated Here Is Actually Not An Opinion At All: It Is Objective Fact By Definition:
The Definition Of Somebody Who Has No Knowledge Of God (Lack Of Belief) Is ATHEIST.
Thus All Those Wrongly Using Opinion To State Those That Have No Knowledge Of God Are Not Atheists Or Agnostic Are Proven WRONG by Objective Definition Of The Word Atheist.
An Agnostic Must Have Knowledge Of God To Be An Agnostic: Knowledge Of But Not Accepting God.
Sagey says2014-03-14T22:13:31.370
I deliberately baited this Opinion, because it is not really an opinion, the Title of this Opinion is derived from the Dictionary Definition Of Atheist.
Which I actually posted in my opening statement, so all those with an Intelligent, Rational Mind would instantly know that I am simply Posting From The Definition Of Atheism: Somebody Without Knowledge Of God Is An Atheist:
You Must Have Knowledge Of God To Be Agnostic, By The Definition Of Agnostic: Know Of God, But Not Take God Seriously.
If I lived on an Island, devoid of religious myths where nobody introduced concept of God, I'd be an Atheist.
Same goes for children not introduced into religion, they are Atheists as they Lack any belief in a God (from the definition of atheist).
So, since Babies have no Knowledge of God, thus lack belief, they are by Definition alone: Atheist!
Sagey says2014-03-15T00:18:37.210
So Far as at this moment: 47% of posters have never read nor understood their Dictionary's definition of Atheist. That's Sad!
Sagey says2014-03-15T04:07:38.153
The clowns are still trying to make themselves appear right when by definition they are entirely Wrong: Atheist comes from the Latin Atheos, meaning without God. Thus this incorporates those without knowledge of God, cats dogs, babies worms, etc.... They need to learn English.
Sagey says2014-03-15T08:21:13.763
Many think Atheism is a position of Choice, no it is a position that does not necessarily require Choice. It can be a Position of naivety concerning God, or not knowing about God, no choice required there, or it can be a position of Choosing to Disbelieve in God, and only then does it become a Position of Choice.
Sagey says2014-03-15T09:04:54.083
OK: Results appear to have Stabilized: It appears Confirmed that 47% of DDO members posting their opinion here are Illiterate when it comes to understanding Dictionaries and Encyclopedias and Naive concerning the true meaning of Atheist.
They don't realize that this was a trick Opinion, Stating a Fact As An Opinion!
It shows that too many in DDO are biased and would rather push their opinion of Topics and Terms, rather than actually research the Truth about those terms that they are making an Opinion of.

I though I made that clear when I actually included the Dictionary references in my opening statement.
Yet, they still made the mistake of denying the truth and making opinions that technically, don't make any sense when you consider the truth about what they are commenting about: Atheism.

I've found such in too many DDO debates, so I pushed this Opinion to try and educate a few.
But, Sadly! I will still find irrational debates where debaters, one or even both, still don't understand the meaning of "ATHEIST" (Without God).

Just remember: Your Cats, Dogs and Goldfish are also Atheists.

So calling Babies Atheists, really means nothing!
Many will still be indoctrinated (abused) into Theism.
Sagey says2014-03-16T03:11:59.177
50% of people, those in the Right (No) column, think they knew the meaning of Atheist, when clearly they did not.
It's sad that I find this on debates about Atheism, where often both sides have no real idea what they are debating about.
They are making up their own definitions, without bothering to consult a Dictionary!!
Thus they are only making themselves appear Naive and Stupid to those of us who know the actual meanings of the terms they are using (this not only applies to Atheist, but many other terms) and confusing each other with utter Nonsense because their arguments are too often extremely Wrong!
Please Ladies and Gents! Consult dictionaries and even encyclopedias before arguing about terms that you may possibly have the wrong concept of!!!!
Sagey says2014-03-18T01:46:07.330
There are definitely plenty of EUPs on DDO, from many of the extremely unintelligent Naive comments.
BTW: EUPs is my acronym for Extremely Unintelligent People.
Though from my checking their profiles, the vast majority of them are from the US, which is understandable due to their extremely poor education standards in the highly Christian states, like Kentucky. They are breeding EUPs deliberately.
Sagey says2014-03-19T02:49:44.143
I'm having to repeat myself a lot here, doesn't anybody read the comments????
jaksunmadness says2014-04-07T03:13:31.273
Atheism is a religion to begin with.
Sagey says2014-04-07T04:53:43.673
So stupidly Wrong Jacksunmadness: Atheism does not fit the definition of Religion. They have no Common belief, implicit Atheists like young children and people who have never heard of God, don't know there is a God, so they don't "Think God Does Not Exist", there are also many atheists who don't care if a God exists or not, they never say that there is no God, they only don't even think about God at all.
There is nothing to bind any of them apart from being Godless, which is what atheist means, Godless or without God.
Calling Atheism a religion is calling "Not Collecting Stamps" a Hobby.
Sagey says2014-04-07T04:55:37.980
Atheism has no common belief, Doctrines nor Traditional practices or Ceremonies, so it can never be truly defined as a Religion, as religions require common belief, doctrines and ceremony.
jaksunmadness says2014-04-07T23:34:03.390
The only people labeling others as atheists are atheists themselves. People are not born with labels but it's atheists that keep enforcing this. They even go to odds to call Buddhists, scientists and philosophers atheists. That's absurd. Stop labeling people that have nothing to do with your beliefs. Atheism is a religion, any belief that is thought to be the ultimate truth and the only one is likened towards the inability to have an open mind in other words like a religion.
Sagey says2014-04-08T00:11:26.527
@ jaksunmadness, Wrong: It's the Dictionary definitions that create the Labels, it's Theists that Label Atheists as Scum and Infidels because Theists don't understand that Atheists include those who have never heard of God. That is the purpose of this Opinion, to educate the likes of yourself who don't understand what Atheism is.
Atheism is Disbelief and No-Belief in God.
The Disbelief is Rational, as it is simply that there is no evidence for God, thus no real reason to believe in that for which no evidence exists.
The No-Belief, comes from never having been told about God (baby, toddler, or myself until I was age 8, or living in a culture that has no God. Thus I was an Atheist from having no knowledge of God, from birth up til the age of 8.

It's Theists that have always labelled people, the Bible labels people as good, righteous, bad and evil, race, as the Bible is extremely Racist.
Sagey says2014-04-08T00:15:58.970
BTW: There were and are still cultures that are Atheist because no Gods exist in their belief system, thus they have no concept of God and thus Atheist (without-god). They don't reject God, because they have no concept of what a God is.
jaksunmadness says2014-04-08T05:19:36.627
The argument I laid was not if atheism was theism or not it's about it being a religion. Buddhism even though it does not adhere to any god is also considered a religion.
Sagey says2014-04-08T05:34:24.093
@ jaksunmadness: Wrong again, as usual: Buddhism has rituals, Tradition, Rules and Set Doctrines: Atheism has none of those, all atheists have in common is that they are "without god" which is the definition of Atheist.
Some Atheists believe in spirits, my ex gf is an Atheist Psychic, but she has no God in her spiritual world.
Many Atheists don't even consider anything like a god and some disbelieve in the existence of a God.
Thus, all Atheists are totally different in their beliefs and do not share a single common doctrine.
Thus Atheism cannot possibly be called a Religion, because to be a religion it must have a common set of beliefs (notice plural) and Doctrines.
You might as well call believing that Unicorns don't exist is a religion, because it is precisely the same thing.
Sagey says2014-04-08T05:37:46.563
Yes: Atheism is "Without God" just as No-Unicorns are without Unicorns.
So if Atheism is a religion then No-Unicorns is a religion also.
They both base their belief on lack of evidence for existence, gods or unicorns accordingly.
Thus they are identical.
jaksunmadness says2014-04-08T05:49:22.280
Religion is having an absolute belief that can never be challenged those that do are blasphemers and are kicked out of the group, atheism fits the bill.
Sagey says2014-04-08T05:58:45.347
@ jaksunmadness: Wrong Again: You are making a habit of being Wrong. Perhaps it is a sign of poor education.
Implicit ATheists are still atheists, that includes young children that have not been introduced to the concept of God.
They can easily be manipulated into belief in God, because Theists indoctrinate them all the time.
Christian missionaries have often converted Atheist tribes over to Theism, both these prove you completely and stupidly Wrong!
Most of my Atheist friends just don't consider any God as important in their lives, but if they actually see evidence of God, they will become believers, just as I would too.
If you could demonstrate by real, tangible infallible evidence that a God exists, I would also become a believer in God, or Theist.
So you are so very Wrong again and badly need an Education!
Sagey says2014-04-08T06:03:18.717
The main reason Explicit ( god rejecting) Atheists exist is that there is absolutely no Tangible, Verifiable, Scientific Evidence For God.
If there was such Evidence For God.
Explicit ( disbelieving) Atheists would simply Not Exist, because of supportive evidence for God.
Find such verifiable evidence and you have rid the world of Explicit Atheists.
Yet there will still be Implicit (weak) Atheists, because some will not have learned about God, which includes infants, isolated tribes and animals.
Sagey says2014-04-08T06:13:57.883
The only Atheist groups that kick Theists out are groups set up entirely for Atheists and thus Theists are extremely Stupid in trying to gain membership in the first place as they don't belong there, just as I have been kicked out of Theist groups for being an Atheist, as I simply did not belong.
Though I'm currently a member of a couple of Christian groups, as I go to their churches to keep in contact with clients, in other words, I use churches for business networking, not for religious beliefs, which is still okay.

So if you don't belong in a group, it is silly to think that they will accept you, knowing your position.
The Christian groups I am in, don't know of my religious views, mostly they don't ask.

Same as I know a few Christians that are in my 90% Atheist community group, as 90% of the people who live in my region are Atheists.
We have no problem with Christians in our group, nobody bothers with religion in my community.
Which is proof of the old statement: "When a society becomes Secular, Atheism disappears."
A neutral society like ours, simply has no need for vocal Atheists, thus nobody even hears of Atheism in our region, they are invisible!
jaksunmadness says2014-04-08T15:14:22.110
Nope Sagey you have been wrong over and over. My statement still stands, atheism is an absolute belief with no scientific evidence of itself. It is nothing more than a belief system or a religion.
jaksunmadness says2014-04-08T15:16:48.473
Doesn't matter how many times you say I'm wrong or how much insults you throw at me. The only thing you're proving is that you cannot think about anything but your own religious beliefs: atheism. Me on the other hand has studied diverse religions and areas of science. I don't need to listen to another angst teenager who knows nothing about religion to begin with telling me what is a religion and what isn't. Just leave your home if your parents won't stop forcing you to go to church on Sundays when you want to play.
jaksunmadness says2014-04-08T15:17:41.823
I'm done trying to educate you Sagey, you don't deserve my attention at all.
Sagey says2014-09-01T08:20:10.257
Sorry, Wrong as per usual jaksunmadness, even the derivation of the word Atheism from atheos Gk meaning "Godless", deems you wrong.
If you don't believe in a god, whether that be a passive (no knowledge of god) or Active (heard of god, but disbelieve it exists) you are an Atheist.
So passive (implicit) atheists and active (explicit) atheists are still all Atheists.
My ex girlfriend is a psychic, she believes in spirits and that there exists a parallel spiritual world beside our own physical world, yet it has not God ruling that spiritual world, so essentially she is also an Atheist psychic.

She even considers herself as such, and I cannot find her to be wrong.
She just doesn't consider any God as being in her spiritual world, so a godless world view, makes her an Atheist.
Just as it did for myself as a toddler, and even a young child, before I was introduced to the concept of God at around 8 to 10 years of age.
So I was led a Godless existence for the first 8 years of my life.
I was an atheist until 8, and an agnostic until my teens as once introduced to God, I did consider the possibility that it existed, and I became a Christian when sent to a Christian college, but after studying Theology, leaving and then studying Pentecostal Theology, I realized it was all nonsense and became an anti-theist. After a while I settled down and returned to my childhood godless atheism without even thinking of God nor religion, until Creationists started attacking my scientific work at university, and then I returned to my anti-theism.
So I'm not just a normal Atheist, I'm an Anti-Theistv, because of Theists annoying me with their creationist Nonsense.
There is a difference.
Sagey says2014-09-01T08:23:03.327
Anybody with a Godless worldview is an Atheist.
Whether it is Godless by choice (disbelief in God) or by circumstances (toddler or raised in a godless community never hearing of God).
Sagey says2014-09-01T08:26:14.127
A baby's worldview centers around Mother, Mother is everything or close to being a God.
But a baby does not have any idea of supernatural powers, so Mother is their entire world comforter and savior, but not actually a God.
So it is still a Godless worldview, but mother is so close that some may consider her so.
As a toddler, this is broken and other toddlers become important, thus they no longer have a MotherGod worldview and thus are full fledged Atheists.
mirrorcra says2014-09-16T20:15:25.273
Wrong! Believing in god doesnt necessarilly mean saying it! Rather believing in god is surrendering one's self to the dynamics of the world -created by god- without pride. It is the denial of god's existance in favor of man's limited abilities is what leads one to forget that his mind and the world are part of a physical and metaphysical world that he/she is meant to discover and not simply coverup with pride and ego. It is a child's sense of wonder, helplessness and lack of egoism in his early years is what constitutes true belief. Belief isnt about holy text or rituals these are merely instruments of enlightment. Every one is born a believer in god untill they force themselves to unlearn this truth by replacing the belief in everything with the belief in something.

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