• We are becoming too depends on computer?

    Whats wrong with the grammar in that title? Lol! But, i do agree that computers are taking over our lives to the point that we won't be able to do anything without the assistance of computers. So i'd say that we do rely too much on computers now a days.

  • We are becoming to dependent on computers

    Yes computers help us transport, talk between ourselves, and save lives. But computers also can lie to you, yes I said it LIE to you! Dictatorships use computers to paint false pictures for there people, or say something that they now want to buy whatever the government is selling. America does it too, advertising is everywhere, it is on almost every website that you go too trying to sell you this or trying to make you buy that. People use the computers about 103 minutes everyday, which means they are exposed to ads. We are dependent on computers to find entertainment, for school, for work, and shopping. Soon people could just order groceries and do not even need to leave the house, just sitting on the coach all day working, eating, or finding entertainment. As you can see we are very dependent on our computers and our technology even if it can help things be easier for us but in my opinion never better.

  • We are dependent, but not too dependent.

    Every day, computers are used on many tasks. This may seem to be a large dependence, but computers help us majorly. They are what allow advancements in technology in the modern age. Computers help in forensic science to solve criminal cases, help us in hospitals to catalog medicines and monitor patients' hearts. In the future, computers will be what allow us to advance into the stars, and perhaps find another inhabitable planet.

  • Computers will unleash Humanity

    Humanity will only get better with the use of computers. Computers allow for us to move on from menial laborious tasks onto more intellectual activities. Not to mention, computers make the sharing of information much easier. It's a lot easier now, to share information across the globe than it ever was before.

    Also, computers aren't just the laptop you're using right now. Computers are used in airplanes and space shuttles and many more things.

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